The Top 6 Best Alternatives to WIX: Checking out Wix’s Competitors

Overall, we rate Wix as our top website builder, but this does not mean that it is suitable for everyone.

If you are looking for alternative solutions for your new site, or want to switch from Wix to something else, you are in the right place! Our market knowledge and our competition know no bounds.

Our goal at DigiBozz is to provide you with accurate and balanced data about website builders so you can make a smart decision when developing your website. In this article, you will learn more about several alternatives to Wix so you can find what works best for you.

In this article, we’ll tell you which Wix alternatives beat it on the most important features, as well as how they compare with each other on those features.

Our guide discusses which Wix alternatives are best for business sites, blogs, which is easiest to use, and which is best for eCommerce. In the end, we’ll reveal which one is the best all-around website builder. Before looking at these competitors, let’s take a look at who they are.

The 6 Best Wix Alternatives

  1. Weebly – Best for businesses.
  2. SITE123 – Best for an easy and quick site builder.
  3. – Best for blogging and creative freedom.
  4. – Best platform for blogging.
  5. Squarespace – Best platform for design.
  6. Strikingly – Best price to value.

Weebly, SITE123, and Squarespace are the top three Wix alternatives. The reason for that is that they are all beginner-friendly, quick to build with and provide amenities like blogging and online selling. Because Weebly offers so many great features and is so easy to use, it is the best Wix alternative.

1. Are There Better Alternatives to Wix?

The popularity of Wix cannot be denied. Besides television and YouTube, you probably see the advertisements in your social media feed if you’ve searched for website builders online. Wix spends heavily on publicity, and it works.

Check out the graph below to see how Weebly and Squarespace fare against Google search numbers!

The advertising team at Wix is incredibly good at what they do, along with their product team. We strongly recommend Wix as the best website builder all-around, but there are a number of Wix alternatives as well! Here are some tips on choosing the right ones for your site.

2. The Top 6 Wix Competitors

Wix’s competitors were thoroughly investigated to determine what makes each the best alternative. The results are as follows:

  1. Weebly – The best option for all-around use. In contrast to Wix, Weebly has more built-in features – these features aren’t installed as third-party apps like with Wix.
  2. SITE123 – By using ADI, you will be able to begin building an already-formatted website in just a few simple questions. This will save you time and allow you to build more quickly.
  3. – These open-source platforms are great for blogging, but you need to know how to code. However, you will have a great deal of creative control, and it is a great way to scale websites.
  4. – Blogger is best for bloggers who haven’t experienced coders. In addition to being easier to use than, it provides powerful blog features and a user-friendly website builder.
  5. Squarespace – the best platform for creating attractive, aesthetic, and professional websites.
  6. Strikingly – great for new bloggers and great value for the money.

3. Wix alternatives that are best for business websites

Weebly is an excellent alternative to Wix for business websites. Weebly is an excellent choice for creating a business website since it offers more storage space than Wix does.

Weebly comes with built-in features, unlike Wix. The majority of the apps used by Wix come from third parties, which can make the process of building and growing your site more expensive. Weebly offers a variety of built-in features that help you keep costs down. There is also email marketing, forms, photo galleries, and more.

Weebly, on the other hand, has a steeper learning curve than Wix. The research we conducted revealed that people found it 22% more difficult to use than Wix.

Weebly’s interface requires a little more learning – but don’t fret, it’s still geared toward non-coders.

Overall, Weebly’s platform allows you to grow your brand and business effectively.

4. Where Can It Be Easier to Use a Website Builder Than Wix?

Take a look at SITE123 if you want something simple and easy to use. As with GoDaddy and Wix, ADI is used by this website builder. It provides you with a customized and personalized template that includes all the features you need.
It only asks for a few details from you, like your site name and what type of site you would like. The calculator creates a pre-made website based on your answers, saving you the time and effort of starting from scratch. You can do it in just three simple steps.
“Overall, I found this app to be incredibly easy to use.”
Even the most nervous tech-phone can build a website because of this simplicity. The awesome customer service offered by SITE123 is one of its main strengths. Even if you encounter difficulties, you have assistance at hand.
Live chat is the best way to receive support, which guides you through the creation process. Having someone to ask questions and talk to throughout the process makes the whole building and editing process much easier.
As a whole, SITE123’s automatic creation will save you countless hours of labor and its top-notch live chat support makes it one of the easiest web builders to work with.
You may be interested in these ADI-style website builders, try SITE123. A website can be created the same way, using your input to build a personalized website that you can edit. The result is that publishing a website is quick and easy.
Alternatively, Strikingly is another top choice if you prefer to edit and create your website yourself. In addition to making it very easy for anyone to create their own website, it still has a very strong focus on making it really easy for anyone to use. You can expect your website to go live as soon as possible with Strikingly within 15 minutes to be exact!
Strikingly allows easy editing, switching, and personalization of any template. Without the hassle or headache of starting from scratch, you can get the satisfaction of having developed it yourself.
The three web builders listed here can help you build your website without stress. Strikingly offers a hassle-free hands-on process more similar to that of Wix’s drag-and-drop editor. We found SITE123 to be the fastest and best replacements for Wix ADI.  

5. Wix’s top competition for blogging

WordPress is the best alternative to Wix for blogging. The best choice for you depends on your requirements and level of technical knowledge. There is no real website builder on, but it is the original and ultimate blogging platform.
As a website builder, is not a traditional platform, but its design is more streamlined, so you can take advantage of WordPress’ powerful blogging features with the ease of a website builder.
Check out our in-depth review of for more details. Nevertheless, for now, we will concentrate on because it is easier to use than the other blogging platform and is closer to a real website builder.
This blogging platform was made for WordPress! The builder specializes in this (so if you are looking for highly customized websites other than blogs, you may want to look elsewhere). is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an ideal blogging platform. The features include adding comments, displaying analytics specific to blogs, adding a display category, and archiving older blogs. can deal with these limitations since Wix does not support these two features.

6. What is the best website builder for design?

Squarespace is a good alternative to Wix for designs that look good. In spite of Wix’s impressive collection of more than 500 templates, Squarespace retains the upper hand due to its clear and structured design.
Several users love Wix because of the unlimited editing capabilities of the drag and drop tool, but others find it problematic. You can look disjointed or unbalanced if you make a mistake or slip on your website.
Sections, spacers, and blocks aid in guiding and directing your customization in Squarespace’s templates. Furthermore, you will find that Squarespace offers a wide range of tailored templates, thereby explaining its popularity.
Based on the style and ease of its templates, Squarespace was ranked the best builder in our research when it came to branding, user experience, and design.

7. What Is the Best Wix Competitor for Value for Money?

The winner of this competition is Strikingly, a website builder relatively new to the market. Simple Store and blogging tools are included, and there is no pressure to upgrade from the free plan. There is a wide range of sophisticated templates as well as great features.
The free website builder here is a good option for beginners. Creating a one-page website is really easy – and you don’t even need to know how to code! In just 15 minutes, you can create stylish, professional single-page websites with Strikingly based on their templates.
These links will give you an idea of how some sites have been built with Strikingly:
Taking a closer look at Strikingly’s website, it’s obvious that the templates are designed for a larger range of industries, including portfolios, CVs, blogs, and online stores.
Because Strikingly offers Simple Store as part of its free plan, it means even those with no experience can earn money with their websites.
In addition to blogging features, Strikingly’s free plan offers several similar features. The social bookmarking functionality, RSS feeds, search, comment section, and display categories are among them. The Simplified Blog feature is easy to integrate into your site, so you can start writing right away. In this case, Strikingly is the best choice for bloggers who are too afraid of WordPress’ technicality and want to start small.
With Strikingly’s templates, there aren’t a lot of creative options, so if you’re looking for a high level of control like you get with Wix, it would be better to look at a platform like WordPress or Squarespace. If you’re comfortable letting the template do most of the work, this is a great pick. Without paying a cent, you can have your website up quickly, easily, and without spending a lot of time and money on it!

9. Which is the best all-around alternative to Wix?

Which Wix competitor offers the best overall website builder? In general, Weebly is the second-best website builder after Wix. In addition to its many in-house features, it is an ideal platform for scaling your website and boosting your online presence with excellent SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools.
Starting at just $6 a month (on a yearly basis), you’ll save 50% off the average software price. In terms of features and apps, this is a great value. It may be a little intimidating when you first begin to use Weebly, but if you are patient and give it some time, you’ll soon be able to create a great website with ease!
Weebly is a good choice if you have an online store. The latest updates to their Mobile App indicate a strong focus on eCommerce. Your business can be managed anywhere, with the ability to print shipping labels, create coupons and create personalized emails right on your phone. is another excellent alternative to Wix. In fact, WordPress is one of the most popular platforms on the internet, with over 30% of content being created using it. A WordPress website requires coding skills, and its hosting service must be paid for separately. is a great alternative if you’re not intimidated by either of those options. Because of its creativity and freedom, it can be used for pretty much anything compared to online website builders.
Designing and managing your website is completely up to you, and the coding aspect lets you create complex sites with what functions and features you want. In this sense, it is not a platform that’s specifically geared towards beginners, but it’s extremely powerful and popular among people who create websites.

Conclusion: The best alternatives to Wix

This website builder is very popular, and for good reason! Because of its popularity, it sometimes seems like the only option available. It’s possible to create an online store, a blog, or even a professional-looking site, no matter your level of experience.
The best Wix alternative we can suggest is Weebly, thanks to its features, eCommerce functionalities, and SEO tools, which makes it our top pick for business websites. With the most creative control available, is a great option for those who are confident coders.

Top 6 Best Alternatives to Wix: Recap

  1. Weebly – Best for businesses.
  2. SITE123 – Best for an easy and quick site builder.
  3. – Best for blogging and creative freedom.
  4. – Best platform for blogging.
  5. Squarespace – Best platform for design.
  6. Strikingly – Best price to value.
So, everyone is sure to find something to like. There are plenty of options for building your website, regardless of whether you champion SITE123 or Weebly, WordPress, or Squarespace. Your very own website can be built on your new platform when you turn off the TV, ignore the commercials, and relax!


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