Step-by-step instructions using Weebly

Weebly controls more than 40 million sites around the world. Do you think yours will be the next one? That is how it should be. Additionally, we’ll demonstrate how quickly and easily it can be done in just nine steps.

So what does this guide have to offer? You’ll be made through each step, individually, on the most proficient method to build a Weebly site. We’ll cover the basics, from the beginning (signing up) to complete the process of (publishing) with all the inventive stuff in between.

As we tell you the best way to capitalize on Weebly’s editing features, you’ll soon discover why it ranks as one of our easiest builders. You’ll figure out how to edit templates, choose a domain, integrate apps, and how to set up an online store.

So get comfortable, relax, and be creative.

Platforms That Work Best For Your eCommerce Site

Before you can make your eCommerce site, you need to sort out what platform you will utilize.

There’s a huge load of alternatives out there, yet just a single clear decision: Weebly.

Logo of Weebly Website Builder


Weebly is an excellent website builder. The resulting site is sleek and professional. It does not require a lot of effort. Besides free websites, Weebly also provides advanced and personalized plans that work best for your business.

Indeed, we positioned Weebly first on our list of the best eCommerce website builders.

It’s the best eCommerce website builder because of one thing: Simplicity.

You don’t have to figure out how to code or have any technical expertise. The platform makes it simple for anyone to create a delightful and exceptionally practical eCommerce site by scratch by any means.

That is the reason it’s ideal for beginners. It’s a drag-and-drop site builder that is completely customizable and SEO-friendly.

The platform has all you require to begin selling online. As well as the site builder features, you’ll receive commission-free payments, manage fulfillment from start to finish, and set custom shipping rules worldwide.

Weebly supports outsourcing and multi-channel sales. It permits you to sell on different platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The Weebly platform allows you to fully customize your storefront, shopping cart, product galleries, and more without touching a line of code. Besides adding a customer wish list, related product galleries, a mini-cart, easy add-to-cart buttons, and much more to your website, you can also set up a customer wish list.

You can add coupons, promotion codes, and surprisingly let your clients create accounts to speed up the checkout process with saved billing and shipping details.

The cost for eCommerce capabilities begins at $23 each month. It accompanies extra features like $300 in advertising vouchers and a free domain for one year.

As your site grows, you can easily upgrade to a higher plan.

Step-by-step instructions for building an eCommerce site most effectively

  • Step 1: Sign up for Weebly
  • Step 2: Select a Theme
  • Step 3: Connect your domain
  • Step 4: Design Your Weebly Website
  • Step 5: Add Apps
  • Step 6: Add a Store
  • Step 7: Choose a Price Plan
  • Step 8: Publish Your Weebly Website
  • Step 9: Improve and Grow Your Website
  • Conclusion: How to Choose Weebly

Follow these steps with any eCommerce site builder. Yet, for this article, we’ll use Weebly as an example.

Step #1: Sign up

In the first place, create an account with Weebly. Creating and publishing your site is totally free, so you can explore it for as long as you like.

The first step is to click the ‘Get Started’ button in either the top left or bottom right corner. You need to enter your email address, name, and new password now. Weebly is on the move.

Weebly Homepage

The page that appears when you click ‘Sign Up’ asks: ‘What kind of website would you like to create?’

Depending on your eCommerce ambitions, you can either purchase a website or a website that includes an online store. There’s no need to worry – you can add a store to your Weebly website at any point in the future.

Weebly 01

Weebly has a free plan which you can remain on however long you like. This is the reason you can create, publish, and edit your site without paying a single penny.

However, we will assist you with upgrading to a paid plan later – for now, simply enjoy building your site!

Step #2: Select a Theme

Each of the 50 themes available on Weebly is absolutely free! You can choose from a variety of categories: “Business,” “Portfolio,” “Personal,” “Blog,” etc. Weebly suggests specific themes based on your choice.

Weebly theme

The Weebly themes are modern, sleek, and versatile responsive. This implies they look amazing on any screen. Also, in contrast to Wix, you can change templates whenever, so you’re not limited by your decision.

Can’t choose? You can see everyone by clicking the thumbnail to perceive what it looks like on a full screen. Then, at that point, if you like it, hit ‘Start Editing’ in the upper right. Ensure you click around for your favorite theme.

Weebly additionally offers industry-specific options. It has heavenly restaurant templates, crisp cleaning service designs, strong-looking personal training themes – you get the idea. These choices save you much more design time – you simply need to edit the text boxes and pictures and you’re all set.

The template is the thing that your visitors see first, so ensure it says what you need it to. Do you want a clear CTA (Call To Action) button, similar to ‘Book Now’? Or then again could a progression of pictures work better? Whichever you pick, there’s a Weebly theme to suit.

Weebly Theme 1

Step #3: Choose a Perfect Domain

Before you begin editing, you’ll need to name your site. The name of your site shows up in your site address and is known as a domain name. For instance, our own domain name is!

Anyway, how would you approach getting a domain for your Weebly site?

It’s simple – Weebly will automatically prompt you to type in a domain name!

You can get a free domain by picking the Weebly subdomain. This implies your site address will contain ‘’ – it’s not exceptionally alluring or proficient, but rather it implies you don’t need to pay a penny for your domain name.

See the picture beneath for an example of a Weebly subdomain just as professional, or custom, domain names.

Weebly Domain

Assuming you need a custom domain (like our own), you can just register one through Weebly. Simply click ‘Choose’ to enroll in your favorite domain. You should pay for this, however, and upgrade to a paid plan to really utilize your domain.

The potential gain of utilizing a custom domain is that it’s more professional, memorable, and attractive. Your domain is special – consider it like your site’s fingerprint – so it merits tracking down the ideal one.

Exactly how much is a custom domain, however? Is it worth it?

Domains shift in cost however typically fall somewhere in the range of $14 and $20 each year. Weebly’s domain costs fall into three choices:

  • 1 Year ($19.95)
  • 2 Years ($16.95/yr)
  • 5 Years ($14.96/yr)
  • 10 Years ($12.57/yr)

Weebly Domain price

There are less expensive costs somewhere else (look at for extraordinary deals), yet enrolling your domain through Weebly is the most straightforward and fastest choice.

As of now have a domain? You can without much of a stretch associate it by clicking ‘connect or transfer now’ at the lower part of the popup – then, at that point simply type in your URL and press ‘Search’.

No guide on building a site would be finished without certain tips on the best way to create the best domain! Along these lines, here are our top tips – for an incredible domain, we suggest that you:

  • Keep the name short
  • Incorporate famous catchphrases
  • Focus on your space
  • Make it critical

You have a wonderful domain simply holding back to be utilized – we should continue ahead with building your site so you can utilize it.

Step #4: Design your Weebly Website

After picking your domain name, you’re taken to the Weebly web builder screen. This is the place where you’ll allow your creative ideas to flow. We’ll go through the menus and features individually, However, here is what it appears to be at first glance:

Weebly Design

Editing Text Boxes

Weebly is a ‘What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) web designer. This implies you can click and edit, as well as drag and drop media, without having to know any code. So to refresh the text, basically click the box and type.

Weebly Design Text

Editing the Background

You can customize your theme much more by changing the background. Essentially click the background picture and select ‘Edit Background’. From that point, you can change the picture, scrolling effect, and page alignments.

Adding Elements

This is the place where you add great stuff. Utilizing the ‘Element Menu’, on the left-hand side, simply drag and drop your picked media icon anyplace on the page. You can throw text, videos, buttons, and all the more anyplace you like. Investigate the Element Bar beneath for only a portion of the elements you can choose from:

Weebly Add Section 1

Any element with the lightning bolt symbol close to it can’t be utilized on the free plan – you’ll have to move up to utilize these features. However, all the other things are free for you to play with!

Suppose you need to add a picture. Drag the icon where you need it, then, at that point click ‘Upload Image’. A popup will then, at that point give you a few choices: you can upload from your PC, or press ‘Search’ and track down a free Weebly image.

Weebly Upload Photo

To edit different pages on your Weebly site, basically, click ‘Pages’ on the top Navigation Menu and pick a different page. Adding elements is a similar interaction for each page – simply drag, drop, and click your way to an excellent site.

Weebly Pages

From the Navigation Menu, you can capitalize on Weebly’s flexibility. Change your theme, edit your site settings, move to an alternate page – everything’s there.

Adding New Pages

It’s not difficult to add new pages to your site. Basically, go to the Pages tab in your menu and click the plus icon in the left-hand sidebar. A drop-down menu will show up with various kinds of pages.

Weebly Add Page 3

Select the type of page you need to create – a blog page, for instance – and give it a name. As you do this, Weebly automatically loads the page for you, with pre-filled pictures and content for you to make your own.

Make sure to click ‘Done’ to save your new page’s settings. Whenever you’ve done this, get back to the ‘Build’ menu tab to edit the page actually as you would normally!

Changing the Color Scheme

You can change the color theme of your page by making a headline for the Theme section of your dashboard. For certain themes, you just have the options of light or dark, while others give you real colors to switch between.

This is genuinely essential and you will not see massive changes to your theme, however, you can add a custom color to the scope of decisions assuming you need to.

Screenshot from 2021 07 21 22 57 53

Adding New Layouts

To truly customize your site, you’ll need to add new sections to the pages you’re editing. Aside from adding new elements, there’s additionally the option to add new sections.

This element sits at the highest point of the left-hand sidebar over the wide range of various elements – basically drag it to where you need it on the page and let go.

Weebly Section 1

From there, you can choose from Gallery, Contact, Menu, Featured, or Team. Choose the one you want to add.

Weebly Section popup

Weebly then offers a variety of layouts so that you can select the one you prefer. You’ll see the layout you choose on your page when you click on it. Simply click Save, and you’re ready to go!

Weebly Team

Deleting Sections

Each of us makes mistakes, changes our minds, and learns differently – after all, we’re human! It’s for this reason that you should know how to delete elements on your site, just as you would add them.

Weebly Delete 1

This is how to delete little elements like galleries, text boxes, pictures, buttons, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Assuming you need to delete a bigger segment like a background, just click on the area you need to eliminate. You’ll see a couple of options show up: Edit, Move and Delete. Click the Delete button and you’ll see a popup inquiring as to whether you’re certain you need to erase. Now, you can either cancel or confirm – assuming you click ‘Delete’ that section and everything inside it will be deleted.

Weebly Edit BG

This ‘are you certain?’ strategy implies you won’t scrap any bits of your site coincidentally, which is a relief!

Step #5: Add Apps

Additionally in the Navigation Bar is ‘Applications’. By clicking this link, you will be redirected to the Weebly App Center. Weebly offers tools to help you improve the performance of your site no matter what you’re doing. We suggest adding some mainstream applications like ‘Site Booster‘, and ‘Content Color Box‘.

In addition to the fact that it categorizes applications for sales, traffic, social and Weebly-specific, yet it even suggests applications only for your site. It resembles having your very own customer – the American Dream, correct?

Weebly Apps

Weebly has a great number of applications – more than 300 applications, to be (sort out) exact. More than 50 are free, and there are always new applications being added, so you will not battle for a decision.

Try not to feel overpowered – you can sort by ‘Popular’, ‘Highest Rated’, ‘New’, and ‘Free’. Or then again look for whichever type you need, whether it’s a FAQ section, countdown timer, or social feed. You can even order them on the left-hand side.

Weebly popular apps

Additionally, before making any purchases, you can check the user ratings on every thumbnail. Can’t discover one you like? Look to the very bottom and you can submit a new application idea, or even create your own (if you can code).

To install applications, click on the one you need and afterward discover the ‘Add’ button. A popup box will show up – you need to click ‘Connect’ to install the application and agree to any terms.

Weebly App Connect

Once the app has been installed, you’ll be returned to your site. The application will automatically show up at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar, under the ‘Installed Apps’ section.

Weebly Installed apps 1

Once your application is installed, drag it onto your page as you would any other element.

Step #6: Add a Store

Back at Step 1, you had the decision of setting up an online store. If you decided not to and changed your mind, no concerns – you can easily set one up. Close your editor for now and go to your account dashboard. Open up the menu on the left, and click ‘Items.’ This takes you to the clear and basic setup page.

Weebly Add Item

Another method of adding a store is by remaining in the editor and choosing the ‘Items’ element. If you don’t have a store already, Weebly will guide you to the store setup page.

If you Don’t need a store? You can avoid this step!

Screenshot from 2021 07 23 02 56 19

From here, you can see every one of the steps you need to create an online store, including everything from adding items to setting up taxes. You would then be able to include each feature with only a couple of clicks. Simply utilize the activity button on the right-hand side.

The options follow a natural order for setting up an online store. Thus, beginning from the top, setting up a Weebly online store resembles this:

  1. Add Store Information
  2. Add a Product
  3. Start Accepting Payments
  4. Set up Shipping
  5. Set up Taxes
  6. Publish and Start Accepting Orders

However, you’ll need to upgrade to the Professional plan to access premium tools like a shipping calculator, or the Performance plan to send abandoned cart emails and access advanced analytics. Look at the table underneath to perceive what sales features you get with each Weebly plan…

Weebly Features

In addition to removing adverts, the Professional subscription unlocks a free domain, unlimited storage, and password-protected pages. It is evident from the graph that the Performance plan provides the best value for online sales.

Having trouble deciding which plan to choose? There’s no reason to worry; every time you click an ‘Upgrade’ prompt, you may change plans without penalty. Check them out below (they’re hard to miss).

Weebly Payment

Step #7: Choose a Price Plan

As of recently, we’ve accepted that you’re cheerfully building on the free plan. However, as we’ve seen there are situations where you should upgrade – for instance, to open advanced features or begin selling on the web!

How about we investigate Weebly’s costs and how you can upgrade assuming you need to.

Weebly Pricing Plan

You definitely think about Weebly’s free plan. There’s no time limit on it, and you can really publish your site without paying a single penny. However, it has its downsides – no custom domain name, limited features, and Weebly adverts showed on your site.

The free plan is ideal for cost-conscious site creators, yet fortunately, its paid plans are pretty budget-friendly as well! There are three price plans to choose from Weebly:

  • Personal: $6 each month (charged every year)
  • Professional Plan: $12 each month (charged every year)
  • Performance: $26 each month (charged every year)

Here’s who we suggest each plan for:

  • Personal: This plan is suitable for hobby sites and portfolios or blogs, with a focus on having fun. We don’t recommend this for professional websites because it won’t remove ads from your site as the free plan does. You can however connect your own domain!
  • Professional: It’s perfect for professional portfolios, business websites, or any website you want to take seriously. As well as removing adverts, this plan comes with a free domain, unlimited storage, password protection, and a shipping calculator. For most Weebly users, this is the best plan!
  • Performance: Especially good for growth-oriented online stores and large businesses. With these features, you gain access to advanced eCommerce analytics, abandoned cart emails, shipping discounts, and abandoned cart emails.

 Upgrade to the Professional plan if you can afford it, as it offers very good value for money as compared to the Personal plan. Professional plan costs $12 per month, which seems like a steal given how many more features you get. Create a truly professional website at the cheapest price with this plan.

Step #8: Publish Your Weebly Website

Publish your work once you are satisfied with it. Fantastic! Don’t worry if you’re not completely satisfied – you can make changes after you publish in the Weebly website editor.

To publish your site, hit the blue ‘Publish’ button in the upper right corner. You will then, at that point get a popup revealing to you it’s Published, and how to integrate a ‘Pro Tip’. Weebly truly needs your site to succeed.

Weebly Published

You’ve presently published your Weebly site. As we said, it’s not difficult to update and edit whenever. You can likewise upgrade your plan assuming you need to. Simply head back to Step 1 to see the plans and their advantages.

If you publish your site, however, change your perspective, you can head to your Settings and scroll down to the very bottom. There, you’ll discover an alternative to unpublish your site with a single click. Simple!

Step #9: Improve and Grow Website

When your site is live, there are a couple of things you can do to energize its development and achievement. Don’t simply abandon it alone – instead, make customary changes, edits, and changes to keep your site new and applicable.

Edit Content

Return and edit content – update old data, compose new articles, and add additional sections to old pages. New content won’t just keep your guests cheerful, it’ll show Google that your site is applicable and dynamic.

Optimize for Google

You need your site to rank in Google’s search results, isn’t that so? Right. It’s the most ideal method of getting more traffic and boosting your online presence. The best approach to scale through the positions is by mastering SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO is the way toward boosting your website’s shots at positioning highly in the search results and includes lots of factors. Some are really basic, such as utilizing headings to structure your content, while others are somewhat more progressed.

Weebly has an incredible scope of SEO tools to help your site rank, just as beginner-friendly guides to walk you through each step. Get going with its Ultimate SEO Guide and you’ll be a pro instantly!

Promote by Social Media

Everybody is via social media nowadays – and you need everybody to see your website!

Pick a couple of social channels that suit your site – for instance, Instagram is the best for photographers, and Pinterest is ideal for selling handcrafted things. Then, at that point begin sharing snippets of content, blog posts, pictures, and more to engage your guests and gain supporters.

Get Marketing

Email marketing can be your closest companion. It’s an extraordinary method of delivering new product information, telling your guests about news and events, or enticing them back with sales and discounts.

Weebly has its own email marketing system called Weebly Promote, which assists you with building your mailing list, effectively creates customized emails, and tracks your email performance. This is allowed to use for your initial two campaigns; after that, it costs $8 each month.

Weebly additionally has an incredible contribution to blogging tools, so you can combine blog posts with email campaigns and newsletters to keep your visitors engaged and informed.

Conclusion: How to Use Weebly

Now you’re prepared to create a Weebly site. Feels better, isn’t that right? We’re sure you’ve nailed the steps already, however, we should go through the stages once again:

Instructions to Make a Weebly Website

  1. Sign up and begin building free of charge
  2. Select a theme to suit your needs
  3. Pick your domain name
  4. Build your Weebly site utilizing the Elements Bar
  5. Add applications to boost your site
  6. Add an online store
  7. Pick a price plan
  8. Publish
  9. Improve and develop your site

In this way, from Sign Up to Publish, these are the nine stages for making a Weebly site. It truly is that simple.

Presently we should recap what we love about Weebly. Basically, it’s truly simple to utilize: the drag-and-drop feature allows you to customize everything from text boxes to videos, which implies anybody can utilize Weebly (even with no coding experience).

Try not to trust us? Read some of the most recent Weebly success stories.

Where Weebly doesn’t do as such well is in giving you complete creative control. Its templates are stylish however simple, so in case you’re after smooth sophistication you’re in an ideal situation with a builder like Squarespace or

In general, however, Weebly is a strong website builder. It has all you require for a sleek, professional site, with minimal effort. You can likewise create a site free of charge, although we suggest picking a premium plan for a more advanced, customized Weebly website that really works for you.


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