Liquid Web Vs Nexcess: Which is Best Hosting Provider

Let’s start by noting that Liquid Web vs Nexcess come from the same parent company, Liquid Web. Clients of these brands benefit from excellent hosting services from both of these brands. But what makes them different?

Small businesses and bloggers have very different requirements when it comes to web hosting than large-scale companies do. Therefore, any hosting company will primarily target a single type of customer. From a broader perspective, this is the main characteristic that separates Liquid Web from Nexcess.

Web professionals and large enterprises need high-performance hosting to power their websites, and this is what Liquid Web-primarily offers. Hosting and maintaining a website with high user traffic flows and high server needs can be handled by the company’s resources and expertise.

Nexcess, on the other hand, provides hosting for small-scale businesses and individuals. They aim to offer financially feasible hosting solutions to their clients and host small to medium-traffic websites.

Liquid Web is one of the leading hosting providers for VPS and dedicated servers. As an alternative, Nexcess is a Liquid Web brand that specializes in WordPress builds and other content management systems (CMS) that have an e-commerce component.

Nexcess was acquired by Liquid Web in September 2013. Nexcess provides managed WordPress services and virtual private servers.

This in-depth comparison is the result of a careful analysis of Liquid Web’s various services, plans, and features. Discover the differences between the two platforms and decide which is right for you!

How Does Liquid Web Work?

Liquid Web has been helping businesses reach their goals since 1999. In addition to cloud web hosting, the company offers dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, cloud WordPress hosting, virtual private servers, and hybrid hosting.

There are 10 global data centers operated by Liquid Web, which manages over 500,000 websites. Dedicated servers, cloud servers, and VPS hosting are all available through them. The company, however, does not provide shared hosting.

SPEED:338 ms (April 2020 to March 2021)
UPTIME:>99.99% (April 2020 to March 2021)
SUPPORT:24/7 Live Chat, Phone, Helpdesk, Knowledge Base
APPS:InterWorx, cPanel Pro, Plesk Web Pro
FEATURES:CloudFlare CDN, CloudFlare Solid State Drives, SSL Certificates, backups, and app installers on the fly.
HOSTING PLANS:VPS, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, CMS, and eCommerce Hosting
PRICING:Starting at $15/month (for a two-year agreement)

Liquid Web’s services

Let’s take a look at the services and plans Liquid Web has to offer.

Virtual Private Servers (PVS):

Starting at $15/Month.

Liquid Web’s VPS servers are ideal for those seeking powerful servers without the high cost of a dedicated server. A virtual private server (VPS) is known to provide more powerful (and guaranteed) system resources as compared to shared hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting:

Starting at $19/month.

A complete WordPress website solution. Nexcess is the leading WordPress performance plugin because it includes a CDN, automatic updates, and instant auto-scale pre-installed plugins.

Dedicated Servers:

Starting at $169/Month.

Liquid Web’s dedicated server hosting solutions offer the best foundation for website development. It is your website that utilizes the entire server’s capacity, not another website. Hosting plan that Liquid Web is most popular for.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting:

Starting at $19/month. 

Designed to be powerful, customizable, and flexible for all businesses of all sizes. Additionally, it has built-in CDN and instant auto-scaling, as well as the best WooCommerce support. Business growth and order acceptance are made possible by it.

Cloud Dedicated Servers:

Starting at $149/Month.

Besides VPS, Managed, and Dedicated Hosting, the company also offers cloud hosting. When you use cloud hosting, your site’s resources are spread across several servers.

Managed Magneto Hosting:

Starting at $49/month. 

Nexcess developed Magento, which runs on its servers. Host your site with a comprehensive managed hosting plan that’s fast, secure, feature-rich, and ready to sell. PWA-ready, supported by server clusters, instant scaling, PCI compliance, and premium security are just some of the features. 

HIPAA Compliant Servers:

Starting at $344/Month.

Compliance with HIPPA guidelines for hosting solutions. Liquid Web has been HITECH Certified through an audit by a third party. Dedicated to ensuring their client’s privacy, they have designed compliant solutions that test your data to ensure it meets industry standards.


Starting at $19/month & $49/month.

Stores and websites can be built faster, smarter, and at a lower cost with their products and services. On WordPress, you can also create membership sites or build an efficient e-commerce site using StoreBuilder. Powered by Kudence. The Nexcess content management and content security features allow you to manage and protect your website.

Reseller Web Hosting:

As well as shared hosting, they offer reseller plans. With the support and assistance of the company, you can use a VPS, dedicated server, or cloud VPS solution if you are reselling services.

Products and Pricing: Liquid Web Vs Nexcess

Liquid Web and Nexcess Web Hosting Providers offer similar hosting plans and prices.

Liquid Web Products and Pricing:

DedicatedFully Customizable Traditional Servers$169/month
VPSVPS Root access with hisg performance$15/month
Cloud DedicatedOn-Demand Cloud Servers with High Performance$149/month
VMware Orivate CloudHost VMware Private Clouds on multi-tenant infrastructure with scalability$510/month
Managed WordPressOptimized server for WordPress sites$9.50/month
Managed WooCommerceAll-in-one high-performance WooCommerce solutions$9.50/month
Magneto CloudEcommerce sites can take advantage of great features$49/month
Cloud ServersWith CloudPlatform, you can get cPanel hosting that's scalablem$265/month
Private VPS ParentYou can deploy VPS on your own private server$169/month
Server ClustersYour requirements can be met with custom-built hosting$743/month
High PerformanceDistributes traffic between multiple servers to achieve high performance$1,127/month
High AvailablityAvoid downtime with multi-server environments$1,448/month
Database HostingProvides reliable database hosting$1,498/month
HIPAAHIPAA certified hosting provider for the healthcare industry$344/month
Logo of Liquid Web Hosting Provider

Liquid Web

Liquid Web flaunts a phenomenal Heroic Support client service team, a crew of knowledgeable people who help you in less than a moment if you connect by phone, in less than 30 minutes if you submit a help desk ticket, and in less than 59 seconds if you connect by chat.

Nexcess Products and Pricing:

Managed Magneto HostingHosted eCommerce platform with full-service management and features$49/month
Managed WooCommerce Hosting with StoreBuilderHost your website cost-effectively, without locking you into a contract, and with scalability options$19/month
Managed WordPress HostingFully managed WordPress hosting with automatic updates, unlimited emails, and intuitive auto-scaling$19/month
Drupal Cloud HostingA dedicated Drupal infrastructure and outstanding security$29/month
BigCommerce for WordPressBigCommerce partner with high traffic scalability, one-click installs, and integrated licensing$59/month
Syluis Cloud HostingIntegrated workflow, instant development sites, and flexible integrations$49/month
ExpressionEngine Cloud HostingHosting partnership with Expression Engine that provides advanced content management, easy setup, and flexibility$29/month
CraftCMS Cloud HostingAn extensive selection of tools for development and performance optimization$29/month
WP QuickStartQuickly get started with built-in tools$49/month
Logo of Nexcess Web Hosting - DigiBozz


Nexcess Cloud Accelerator, a component that includes a layer of the cloud stack that speeds up your site's loading time. That is an enormous help since speed is everything with regards to keeping your clients on your site and browsing.

Liquid Web Vs Nexcess - A Detailed Comparison

Let’s take a look at their other awesome features after comparing their products and pricing. In this part of the article, I will outline the features of Liquid Web and Nexcess.

Speed & Uptime

It is crucial that your website’s speed is optimized for both your users and search engines. Website success is directly affected by the performance of the website. It is annoying when a website takes a long time to load. Taking a long time for your website to load can lead to losing new visitors.

Liquid Web:

LiquidWeb’s good speed and reliability have made it popular. A comparison of Liquid Web and Amazon, Digital Ocean, and Rackspace shows that Liquid Web provides the best performance. The company claims to guarantee 100% uptime on average. Liquid Web is the only hosting provider in the industry that guarantees 100% uptime.


Each of Nexcess’ core data centers is located in a different region of the United States: US-Central Region, US-West Region, and EU-Central Region. They guarantee an average uptime of 99.99%.

CDN & Caching

The content of the internet is delivered to your audience based on their location using CDNs and caching. It reduces your audience’s physical distance from your server by distributing servers in a distributed fashion. It will be easier to deliver your web pages when there is less physical distance.

Liquid Web:

Although Liquid Web hosting does not offer any CDN and caching features in-house, you can integrate third-party CDNs like Cloudflare or Akamai CDN for your server to decrease page load time.


Additionally, Nexcess Hosting offers a built-in CDN and caching with 22 locations to ensure your site is loaded quickly. It is not necessary to use a third-party CDN.

Site Migration

Whenever you change your hosting platform, migration is an essential step to take. There are usually additional charges to move your site with most hosting providers. What free migration services do Liquid Web and Nexcess provide? Let’s take a look.

Liquid Web:

Website migration is offered free only with the Fully Managed Server plan at Liquid Web hosting. Depending on your hosting plan, you may be charged an additional fee.


Nexcess Hosting offers free site migration with all of its hosting plans. In other words, you shouldn’t worry about changing hosting companies. Your live site will not be affected. Their team does it for free.

Control Panels

Every hosting provider offers a Control Panel that allows users to manage their domain, hosting, and services. It usually includes many modules like Web Server, Mail Server, Databases, File Manager, Firewall, FTP, etc.

Liquid Web:

The server and hosting account management for Liquid Web hosting is performed using Plesk, a Control Panel. The hosting industry does not use Plesk as much as cPanel. In other words, if you’re not familiar with Plesk, then you may have some trouble getting started.


The control panel provided by Nexcess Hosting is cPanel, the most popular and industry standard. Managing your domain, hosting account, and all of your other accounts from the same place is easy with this user-friendly panel. It is an easier to use control panel than Plesk which makes it a good option for newbies.

Customer Support

To ensure that any technical problems you encounter on your website can be resolved as soon as possible, choosing a hosting platform with good customer support is always a good choice. There is usually live chat, e-mail, and phone support available from hosting providers.

Liquid Web:

A 24/7/365 support team is always available to resolve site issues quickly and get your site up and running again. A team of dedicated professionals monitors servers 24/7 and keeps track of performance to ensure a smooth user experience. Live Chat, Phone, and Email are all available for customer service.


Nexcess support team also offers the same support services as Liquid Web. They are also available 24/7/365 and provide via Live Chat, Phone, and Email. Nexcess team is highly experienced and able to quickly resolve any issues you encounter on your site.

Liquid Web vs Nexcess: When are they recommended?

Liquid Web

We highly recommend Liquid Web for:

  • Websites with high traffic
  • An IT department with skilled employees
  • Having full control over the server and customized hosting is required
  • Are you planning to host an enterprise-level website or app
  • Organize your email with our email hosting service

We highly recommend Nexcess for:

  • Basic websites need to be hosted in a fully managed environment
  • Coding skills are not required.
  • Do not want to learn more about the backend.
  • Websites and stores built with WordPress, Magneto, and WooCommerce

Conclusion: Liquid Web Vs Nexcess

Liquid Web and Nexcess offer global customers highly scalable, fast, highly tailored, and reliable hosting solutions. I can clearly see the differences between these two sites concerning their hosting servers, autoscaling capabilities, and the amount of traffic they can handle.

Our managed hosting services are used for mission-critical websites and apps where reliability and uptime are not negotiable. On the other hand, Nexcess provides fully managed to host and online store-building solutions for CMS-based sites and stores.
In terms of uptime, Liquid Web is the best in the industry, with 100% uptime, while Nexcess stands at 99.99%, which is also the best.
For those of you who want fully managed to host, Nexcess should be your first priority, while for those who need custom web hosting, Liquid Web should be your top choice.
There you have it – Liquid Web vs Nexcess. Once you’ve gained all the information, you can make a final decision. Choosing the right service for your business is as easy as picking between Liquid Web and Nexcess.


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