An In-depth Comparison Between Two Leading Marketing Providers: GetResponse Vs HubSpot

GetResponse Vs HubSpot

Let’s Look at the In-Depth Comparison between GetResponse VS HubSpot

GetResponse Vs Hubspot

GetResponse was founded in 1999 and specializes in email marketing solutions for businesses, and is recognized as a pioneer within its field. On the other hand, HubSpot, founded in 2006 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), markets itself as an inbound marketing company and a technological leader in the field of customer relationship management (CRM).

Consider whether or not you should adopt GetResponse or HubSpot depending mostly on what your business goals are, and how they align with the technology. We have grouped the companies below into categories that could help you determine which companies are more appropriate for your project.


HubSpot and GetResponse are fierce competitors when it comes to marketing tools to grow businesses. It’s important to determine which system integrates seamlessly into the business while maintaining budgeted costs.


HubSpot offers three types of marketing software packages: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. It is the Professional package that is most popular with the company. There are various features available in each package, and they can vary based on the service. Moreover, there is a time onboarding fee for each of these services and the pricing from a Basic to an Enterprise service is incremental. Providing basic training and implementing the system work for your business is included in HubSpot’s marketing software.


Compare GetResponse’s plans with those of its competitors and GetResponse comes out on top. Enterprise packages are more affordable and offer extra perks. Neither contracts nor obligations are required, so it can be canceled at any time. The various services include powerful features that small businesses can quickly master and there are no onboarding fees.

This is where GetResponse shines

Based on the comparison of its different pricing plans, there is no doubt that GetResponse is the clear winner. GetResponse’s services are spot on, but HubSpot s services are not as cost-effective and convenient as GetResponse’s.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing avenues, but it remains an affordable and viable option for businesses to use. Even though email marketing may seem like an outdated strategy, it continues to provide a greater return on investment (ROI).


At the beginning of a business, many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have constraints and limited resources. In order to make the most out of email marketing, enterprises should tap into powerful platforms like email. With HubSpot, you can get a consolidated solution that’s appealing to this market, because it’s known to incorporate different tools and offers insights into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


GetResponse is an all-in-one tool that provides extensive email marketing services. It offers businesses email creation to analytics, aiding companies to attain effective and profitable campaigns. GetResponse is a veteran email marketing company that provides a tailored service with an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile-ready interface that maximizes the ability to generate sales.

GetResponse Has The Advantage

Business owners can leverage their base of customers with both companies’ value and targeted offerings. HubSpot, however, does not quite measure up to GetResponse because it offers an easy-to-use email-creation tool that can lead to substantial conversions.

Landing Page Builder

With a landing page, you want content that is valuable to the targeted customer, a responsive design, and a good design. One thing is to deliver great landing pages that do the job, but another is to use the data in the right way in order to generate customer sales.


HubSpot’s tool lets you create beautiful landing pages in a matter of seconds and is mobile-responsive. In addition to those, it also offers optimized search, integration of funnels, and calls-to-action with a single click of the mouse. Integrated marketing platforms such as HubSpot’s Marketing Platform provide businesses with multiple ways to drive conversions.


GetResponse has not made simplicity a motto for its land page builder, which works in three simple steps in the next section. With one click, you can choose a template, customize the page, and publish it. Simple as that, and you’ll be able to create a mobile-friendly site, plus a responsive one. On top of that, you can make use of 100 templates for easy landing pages that come with built-in web forms.

GetResponse Has The Advantage

The products and customizations offered by each company are unique, but they convert customers well. In terms of attention-grabbing processes, both GetResponse and MailChimp will grab the attention of any small business, but GetResponse may offer a more intuitive and less demanding solution that does not require the user to learn a lot about its use.

Webinar Tool

By exposing a brand’s expertise, webinars can convert potential new customers into paying customers. Through webinars, which are also popular today, small businesses can also establish a rapport and build relationships.


GoToWebinar offers a free 30-day trial and is becoming increasingly popular among webinar hosts. HubSpot s GoToWebinar integration is built on the business s platform, so the company can focus on making the most of the event it can organize without having to worry about the details of running the webinar.


GetResponse is simple to use, from scheduling to setting up webinars. With the interface, you can send emails containing invites and reminders to nurture your leads. Using a tool that is proven to drive engagement, you can easily connect to all major social media platforms, interact with your targeted audience, and share your updates with your targeted audience.

HubSpot has the advantage

HubSpot webinars are that much easier to set up and much more integrated. Using HubSpot, you can nurture your attendees and send them emails after they attend a conference. In addition, HubSpot offers peace of mind by building and supporting the integration, enabling you to focus on just one thing: your event.

Customer Support

For a service provider, customer support is of paramount importance. It’s going to be a relief for businesses to know that they have a technical support staff ready to help them whenever they need it when a company provides a great support team with multiple points of contact.


The HubSpot company offers support over the phone, a knowledge base, a website, and a dedicated support line. Customer service teams for each channel are well-regarded as being attentive and professional. Additionally, they not only offer great customer service for each of the channels, but they constantly update the programs to resolve most issues.


GetResponse provides you with a great support system and a team of professional customer service representatives when you adopt their product solution. Customers can email the company for assistance in seven languages, or they can call for assistance Monday through Friday during regular business hours. It also offers a live chat service that allows users to receive comprehensive assistance from a live agent via a 24/7 access point. We’ll be there for you whenever you need us, no matter what the time of day.

GetResponse Has The Advantage

Both companies offer comprehensive business solutions and have excellent customer support channels. Although, GetResponse can claim a perceived advantage over HubSpot since the majority of customer support channels are free of charge whereas the HubSpot dedicated contact number costs money.

GetResponse is the winner in this side-by-side comparison

Conclusions and Takeaways

Overall, GetResponse offers SMBs a complete product solution and a robust customer service department. It is characterized as being easy to use and within the budget, as we compared in each of the various sections that will help businesses to grow their customer base over time.

In addition, you do not need extensive knowledge of information technology (IT) to use these tools because they are intuitive and provide all the functionality you need.

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