Develop Your First Brand Identity on a Budget


This guide is intended to assist you with getting your first brand identity out.

It’s intended to be functional and good enough for now.

There are two options I suggest for developing your first brand identity:

  1. Do it yourself
  2. Use 99designs

The two options will get you to the end goal. The compromise is your time versus your cash. Assuming you are in need of cash, do it without anyone else’s help. Assuming you are in a rush, use 99designs.

If you somehow managed to get an excellent high-quality, professional brand identity, it’d cost you a huge number of dollars.

A more expert methodology with an agency would look something like this. If you hire 99designs, you will not get this level of quality, however, you’ll still have an exceptionally functional beginning stage. 99designs has a brand identity bundle that beginnings at $599.

If you’re curious about 99designs, it’s a platform that runs design contests. I especially like the contest approach for your first brand identity since chances are you don’t know precisely what you need yet. Having a lot of alternatives to look over will help.

Brand Identity Contents

A brand identity can be broad, however, we’ll simply focus on a couple of things that you need to make headway. All the other things are a bonus.

  1. Logo — There are 7 common types of logos: letter marks, wordmarks, pictorial marks, abstract logo marks, mascots, combination marks, and emblems.
  2. Colors — It’s ideal to stay with a primary and secondary color as it were. This makes it pretty simple to keep things basic.
  3. Font style/Typography — The font styles that you will use for your brand will go on your site, your emails, and so on There are fonts that will go preferred with your logo over others.

More extensive brand identity may include things like: Design systems, custom illustrations, photography guidelines, iconography, Interactive elements, video or motion, and surprisingly a full-out website design. We needn’t bother with more than the initial 3 items: a logo, colors, and Font style/typography.

If you go with 99designs, at the end of the day you’ll consequently wind up with all you require.

99 Designs Contest

You’ll start a contest, which will draw in numerous designers to submit designs. They’ll ordinarily begin with the logo and go from that point. You’ll have the chance to rate designs, submit feedback, and change until you discover the winner.

There are clearly various benefits of going the 99designs route, versus Do-It-Yourself. However, if you don’t have the budget, then you don’t have the budget. In that case, here is the manner by which I would approach doing it without anyone else’s help if I were in that equivalent place.

Do-It-Yourself Brand Identity (Kind Of)

Start with Brandmark. It’s an extremely cool tool that is basically a logo generator. Making your logo will give you the basics you need for your brand identity. I say start here because while Brandmark can give you what you’re searching for, it’s likewise exceptionally limited.

It used to be free, yet now it seems as though they are charging for the logos. You can still design as many logos as you’d like; yet presently you’ll pay to download the file you create ($25–175 relying upon the bundle you pick). Still, that is an exceptionally cheap option.

I went through the interaction for a model, and outlined it with pictures underneath:

Stage 1: Enter your name and Tagline if you need one.

Brand Name

Step 2: Write a short description of your company or product

Add Keywords describing our beand to generate logo

Step 3: Pick the color style you like

Selecting Color Style for your Logo

Step 4: Generating Logo Options

Loading logo designs
selecting Logo design

Step 5: Choose Logo and Text style

Brandmark Logo Color Choosing

Step 6: Buy the Logo. (There are 3 Choices) 

Brandmark Logo Purchase Plan

Try it out, and see how it feels. If it doesn’t work, there’s a second choice.

Full On DIY Brand Identity

If you don’t care for the result of Brandmark, your next alternative is to go all-out to DIY. With this methodology, you’re basically going to utilize a standard letter mark logo. It’s basically picking a font style. (Except if, obviously, you have plan abilities, in which case, this whole aide is most likely unimportant to you in any case.)

In the first place, settle on your Fonts.

I firmly suggest staying with Google Fonts. Here is an extraordinary article on various options for Google Font combinations. Pick one of the combinations that you like.

There is an incredible free tool to test different Google Fonts and color combinations called Typecast.

Here’s a model. I’ll utilize Mate SC for my logo. Then, at that point on my site, I’ll use Mate SC for headings, and I’ll utilize Roboto for my body font style.

It will wind up looking something like this…

Google font example of DigiBozz

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While you’re trying various fonts, you can likewise test and select colors.

Here is a good article on the best logo color combinations. Pick one you like and give it a shot.

This one is really cool, so I’ll utilize it for example:

Sample for Logo Color Combinations

For this situation, I would presumably utilize dull blue (#2B3252) as the essential textual style tone for the body of my site, and possibly for my logomark. Then, at that point, I’d utilize the optional reddish shadings (#EF5455) and (#FAD744) all through the site.


What is Lorem Ipsum? Lorem Ipsum is simply a dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.

Presently I have an example of two text styles, one of which I am utilizing for my logomark (as seen above), and I have three color tones.

That is all I really need for my Brand Identity. Presently, I can utilize these components wherever on my site, business cards, emails, social media accounts, and so on and my image is clear and steady. It’s unquestionably not going to win any awards, yet it’s useful and it’ll work for now.

It’s Only Temporary

Recall that this is only your initial brand identity to get things going. You can upgrade it not too far off. It shouldn’t be awesome, however, you should in any case have a positive outlook on it.

Doing it yourself (DIY) and on a little budget can be a challenge, yet there are reasonable alternatives to take care of business. 99designs may appear to be costly, however, it definitely beats hiring an agency or going through the way toward attempting to track down a freelance designer. It’s not very time-consuming and it’s really fun. You’ll have more opportunities to deal with your business or to make your site.

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