How to Buy a Domain Name


Here’s a quick answer. I prefer over other top domain providers. They have extraordinary costs and are very simple to use. It’s the registrar platform that I personally use and always suggest.

You need a domain name

All the more specifically, you need the RIGHT domain name. This resembles picking the name of your kid. You need to hit the nail on the head on the first run-through. Don’t simply register whatever domain name is available. That is a serious mistake. 

In this guide, I need to walk you through my cycle for purchasing a domain name, beginning with how I approach thinking of a name in any case.


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Trusted by 2+ million clients with 10+ million registered domains. Incorporates free privacy and protection (other hosting providers charge for this!), free email addresses, security features, and more. You can likewise register for as long as ten years all at once. Get a .com domain for just $8.88 each year.

Thinking Concepts and Ideas

If you already have a name you need to purchase, great! Head on down to the next segment. 

If you need to check whether your domain name is good (or if you don’t have the idea what domain name to pick), continue reading. 

It’s the name you’ll use for your business, or a campaign, or a blog. You need to make an honest effort to try your best on the first attempt.

Make a Concept List

Bring your project and record the multitude of words, descriptors, phrases, ideas, mantras, etc. that comes to mind. Focus on 25 – 50. Truly, think of as many as possible.

Use a thesaurus to help. It’s the list before your last name list. 

Keep in mind: It’s only a concept for now. This doesn’t need to be perfect.

Some general principles: 

  • Try not to stress over SEO or keywords — that doesn’t make any difference. 
  • Stay away from hyphens. 
  • Stick with a .com as it were. If you are in the UK, Australia, and so forth then, at that point obviously a .co.The UK, .au, etc. is additionally acceptable. 
  • The shorter the better, as a rule. 

I personally discovered a mind map helpful for this cycle.

Ideas are characteristically more generative than specific words since ideas can include different ideas. — Operative Words

Pick Potential Domain Names

Presently you can develop a more refined list of potential names.

Start by listing every one of the names you like. Since you probably won’t have an unlimited budget, try to dig deep here. You can’t be too picky, because that will wind up restricting your choices. Write down all that you think may work.

I recommend browsing the following sites to get more thoughts. You may luck out and discover something you like just by browsing. On the off chance that you do, add those to your list too.

Brandpa— They set up more inventive, brandable domain names and afterward sell them. I’ve discovered a ton of names here I would not have considered all alone.

image — They have a huge selection of domain names available to be purchased. They have no hidden pricing and offer a constant experience. This is forever my beginning stage and favored way to deal with procuring a domain name.

Namecheap — Probably the greatest determination of domain names and the most notable spot to acquire a name.

image 1 and Namesilo are the greatest parts in selling domains. If a domain name is available to be purchased when I type it into my browser more times, it is one of those two organizations that are behind the deal. I discover them to be the most sensible. is another I have purchased from.

Narrow Down the List According to Viability

Narrow your list down rapidly by typing in the .com for each name that you like.

  • If there is a setup site based on the domain name, cross it off your list. It is probably not going to be a feasible choice.
  • Assuming nothing comes up by any means, keep it on your list. That could imply that the domain name isn’t enrolled at this point, which is extraordinary!
  • If a landing page with promotions comes up, the domain name is parked. It is owned by somebody as of now however may be an acquisition target. Keep this on your list.
  • If the domain name is available to be purchased, that is the most ideal situation. It’s actually the thing we are searching for. Keep this choice on your list, and observe the listed cost if there is a listed cost.

The best domains are regularly the ones available to be purchased, unfortunately. On the off chance that you have the spending plan for it, it’s definitely worth the venture. When you have the limited list, the following stage is to dig deeper considerably more determine to figure out what your last alternatives will be.

Pick Your Name

It’s presently an ideal opportunity for the critical choice.

Recollect the general guidelines:

  • Try not to stress over SEO or keywords — that doesn’t make any difference. 
  • Stay away from hyphens. 
  • Stick with a .com as it were. If you are in the UK, Australia, and so forth then, at that point obviously a .co.The UK, .au, etc. is additionally acceptable. 
  • The shorter the better, as a rule. 

Then, at that point, ask yourself these 10 questions about every one of your domain name choices:

  1. Do you have a positive outlook on the name?
  2. Do you like it?
  3. Is it accurate to say that you are certain when you say it?
  4. Does it feel great when you write it?
  5. When you read it?
  6. Does it sound like a brand?
  7. Is it extraordinary, simple to recollect, and significant?
  8. Is it simple to read and spell?
  9. Does it finish the Google assessment? Google the name. Preferably, there are relatively few different associations that pop up. If there are, you essentially need to ensure they are not in a similar industry, or even in a firmly related industry.
  10. If it finishes the Google assessment, you are most likely all set, however on the off chance that is it trademarked?

The Starter Domain Approach

A methodology that I am an enthusiast of is to utilize the starter domain approach. The thought here is that you can begin with a domain name to drop to another as it were.

Suppose you distinguish a domain name that you truly like, yet it is out of reach for your financial plan. For example, when I was coming up with a name for my most recent company, I truly prefer Another person owns it and isn’t really hoping to sell it. I need to buy it by any chance, I would have to bring a great deal of cash, much more than I was prepared to pay. If I needed to adopt the starter domain strategy, I might have gone with the name Good Life Media and obtained which is available to be purchased for $24,500. (That cost gone up because it wasn’t so much that high when I was really thinking about this as a choice.)

I could begin with and in the long run attempt to secure It would be exceptionally simple to rebrand from Good Life Media to Good Life. Inside, we would simply pass by “Good Life.” The day that we in the end gain would be a colossal achievement and would make a built-in organization goal that we could pursue as a team.

If you need a genuine model, The Wirecutter as of late rebranded to Wirecutter.

Considerations for the starter Domain approach

  • Ensure the names will translate neatly. The two names must be firmly related. In a perfect world they’re so close you could utilize the desired name wherever outside of the genuine domain name, including for your logo.
  • It’s a risk — there is no assurance your desired objective domain name will be there when you are prepared.
  • I suggest getting into conversations with the broker or domain proprietor of your desired name quickly. Regardless of whether you know, there isn’t any opportunity you can manage the cost of it today. They don’t have to realize that. This is really a gigantic benefit for you since usually over the long run the proprietor will drop the cost as they understand their excessive cost won’t occur.

How much amount Domain Names Cost

There are two choices with regards to getting your domain name:

  1. Register a name that isn’t already registered.
  2. Purchase a name that is already enrolled from the person that owns it.

Despite which choice you go with, you’ll pay an annual registration expense of $7–$15/year on average. If you are securing the name, what’s more, you’ll address an extra acquisition cost.

The expense of securing a domain name changes broadly: You can easily spend 4–5 figures on a name. Now and again, you can track down a decent one for many dollars. Some domain names aren’t available to be purchased, while others have sold for a million dollars. Recently, somebody purchased for $2,500 and for $70,000.

Except if you pick a more inventive course, that is. Obviously, you can get a domain name totally for nothing by deciding to have your site on Bluehost. This is somewhat simpler for people beginning without any preparation—part of getting a site ready for action is picking a domain, discovering a hosting provider, and building a site. In case you’re in this boat, this is the best approach to deal with two of those three out of one singular motion.

Effectively dedicated to a hosting provider? That is OK, there’s as yet an approach to save money on your domain in case you’re actually considering site developers.

Paying for a premium plan from Squarespace, Wix, or the greater part of our other top-suggested web builders will free you up to significantly more valuable features.

It’s reasonable best in case you’re building a new web store. That way you can build a stunning website through assistance that is loaded with helpful eCommerce features while likewise exploiting an included domain name.

That being said, the majority of these paid plans just include the 1st year of domain registration free of charge. Investigate what the renewal rates are after that before focusing on this route.

There’s nothing wrong with registering a domain name that is accessible, insofar as you’ve thoroughly considered it and are purposeful about it. Indeed, I encourage that.

The issue is that as a rule, individuals don’t understand that there are different alternatives. Getting your hands on the optimal name is more feasible than you may suspect.

I recommend you put some budget plan behind your domain name — particularly if it’s for your business. The tighter your budget, the more limited you’ll be more restricted in what you can do.

Buy your Domain Name

Logo of Namecheap Domain Registrar


Trusted by 2+ million clients with 10+ million registered domains. Incorporates free privacy and protection (other hosting providers charge for this!), free email addresses, security features, and more. You can likewise register for as long as ten years all at once. Get a .com domain for just $8.88 each year.

Now you ought to have a limited rundown of suitable choices for your Domain name. The subsequent stage is to own it.

Every one of your alternatives should be categorized as one of three classifications:

  1. The Domain name is available and unregistered.
  2. It is by all accounts acquirable, yet it’s anything but clear.
  3. The Domain name is clearly available to be purchased.

We’ll handle every single one of these circumstances.

What to Do If the Domain Name is Unregistered

For this situation, you should simply go to and register the domain name.

You’ll discover without a doubt if possible or not once you type the domain name into the search bar.

image 2

You’ll go through a clear interaction here. Try not to purchase any of the additional items or stress over web hosting or any of that yet except “privacy protection”. It’s what will keep your name off a lot of spam call records. You need to utilize to enlist your domain name and keep your data hidden. That is it. They are the best domain registrar and I use them solely. I don’t use them for anything else because there are different organizations that I use for the remainder of my web needs. I’m a colossal defender of going to the master in every space of my business.

After you register the domain name, you’re finished! You are authoritatively the glad proprietor of your new domain name. All you need to do pushing ahead is renew the domain name every year. If you fail to renew it, another person will actually want to replace you as the proprietor. I recommend setting your domain to auto-renew. It’s only something less to stress over.

What to do if I get the Domain Name

What to Do If the Domain Name Seems Acquirable

On the off chance that the domain name appears to be accessible, however, it’s anything but clear — you have two alternatives. Possibly you can attempt to sort out who possesses the domain name yourself and contact them. Or then again, you can hire a broker to do it for you.

If you hire a space broker, there isn’t a lot of hazards. Ordinarily, the only way you should pay a fee is if you purchase the domain name. That is the greatest disadvantage.

Sedo is a decent spot to begin if you need to recruit a domain broker. I’ve used them previously and have read great reviews from others.

On account of doing it without anyone else’s help, you can begin with a WHOIS search to attempt who possesses the domain name. Googling the domain name and checking whether it is attached to any web-based media profiles or other websites is also a decent methodology.

Most times than not, I will fail at discovering who claims the domain name myself. It is entirely expected for people to use privacy protection that hides their contact data. Most domain registrars offer this for free, so people tend to buy it naturally. (As I said above, you should select this feature.)

The advantage of domain brokers is that they have an enormous network. They quite often realize who owns what, and if they don’t, they have methods of sorting it out. Back to my model. It is absolutely impossible that I would have sorted out who owns that domain name on the off chance that I didn’t have a broker sort it out for me. Obviously, I actually don’t have a clue who claims that domain name, however basically I have a broker who does.

Another advantage of a broker is that you don’t need to manage the awkwardness of negotiating the price. You have a middleman who can be the bad guy for you.

What to Do If the Domain Name Is Clearly available to be purchased

Domain names that may be acquirable, as laid out above, can be challenging. I very much want to focus on names that are obviously available to be purchased. These are simple.

Already if the name is now available to be purchased, the process is clear. The lone thing you truly need to consider is negotiating the cost.

Negotiating Price

There is frequently a chance to negotiate the cost. Depending upon who you are managing, there could be some space to get the cost down. I don’t suggest pushing excessively hard or overthinking this. That may very well prompt fooling around and possibly losing out on the name. However, there is no harm in trying it out and doing some even out of negotiating.

After the Acquisition

When you gain the domain name, the subsequent stage is to move it to your domain registrar. Once more, I suggest You can see the cycle for transferring your domain name here. It additionally helps to understand how domains work.

Regardless of how you gain your domain name, the last final step is to see it sitting within your account. That is the point at which it’s official!


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