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A web hosting is a business or organization that leases or purchases space to host a website on the Internet. A website’s HTML code, CSS stylesheets, and images must be housed on a web server to be viewed.

When an individual or company hosts a website, stores the site’s records on a web server. Hosts make the information on a website (code, pictures, and so on) available on the Internet for review. A server hosts every single website you have visited. The measure of the room designated on a server to a site relies upon the sort of hosting. The major sorts of Hosting are shared, dedicated, VPS, and offshoot/affiliate. The servers are separated by the development style used, the board level, and the optional organizations they may participate in.

Here are the Top 15 Excellent Web Hosting Services:

  1. Bluehost – Best for Beginners
  2. Hostinger – Best Cheap Plans
  3. HostGator – Best for Minimal Needs
  4. DreamHost – Best Month to Month plan at Affordable Price
  5. GreenGeeks – Best Eco- Friendly
  6. Liquid Web– Best managed web hosting

  7. Nexcess – Best for eCommerce Hosting

  8. Domainracer – Best after-sale services
  9. Hostwinds – Best Uptime
  10. MilesWeb – Best Hosting Experience
  11. Contabo – Best for VPS Hosting

  12. WPX – Best for WordPress Hosting
  13. iPage – Low Entry Cost Hosting

  14. Hostens – Low Entry Cost Hosting

  15. BigRock – Fast & Reliable shared Hosting


Logo of Bluehost Domain Registrar


Interested in a free domain name? Who isn't! All Bluehost web hosting plans accompany a free domain name for the primary year. Why make getting your site going more complicated? Get your dream domain and save by using Bluehost for both hosting and domain registration

Bluehost is the main web hosting arrangements organization. Bluehost, since its launch in 2003, has continually advanced better approaches to achieve one of its main goals: enabling individuals to fully harness the power of the web. With our web hosting bundles in Orem, Utah, we offer a wide range of tools to a huge number of clients across the globe so that anyone, beginner or expert, can go online and thrive. 

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Bluehost powers 2 Million+ sites everywhere in the world and backs thousands all the more consistently. 

In order to be the best hosting organization to our customers consistently, Bluehost’s vast group will help continuously 24/7, day in and day out. It’s not just about getting people on the web. It’s connected to making a predominant, safer web for everyone meanwhile. The Web can be stretched to its maximum capacity by battling spammers, blocking erotic entertainment, and encouraging open-source software development. As a website, they promote web dignity and do all that they can to ensure people of all ages, from beginners to experts, can genuinely utilize the internet to do great things.


Bluehost’s month-to-month plans start at $2.75/month. This plan includes 1 website with unlimited traffic, Free Domain – 1 Year along with a free CDN and  SSL Certificate—a great deal.

Furthermore, they offer incredible research and SEO tools that will significantly improve your website’s exposure while bringing in more visitors.

Furthermore, they offer services that are flexible enough to maintain whatever direction your business decides to take.

Assume you start with a standard regular hosting plan and need to present WordPress. To get things rolling, they have a simple 1-click prologue. They are also able to help you oversee WordPress hosting if your site continues to grow and you need to increase the site’s security and speed. Or then again if you need to gain more power by moving up to VPS or committed hosting, they have plans for both. 

The truth is that Bluehost covers everything you may really need from a host. That is the thing that makes them the best for fledgling site designers. 

If you start with them, you’ll never have to change to another person.


+ Good Uptime (99.96%)

+ Fast Speed (641 ms)

+ One-Click Install for WordPress

+ Easy to Use, Beginner User Friendly

+ Free Domain and Site Builder

+ 24/7 Support (Chat and Phone)

– Discounts for longer plans only

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2. Hostinger – Best Cheap Plans

Logo of Hostinger Domain Registrar


Over 29 million people, from 178 countries trust their websites, domains, and emails with Hostinger. They assure 50 seconds takes on average for them to respond to our call for help. Hostinger users rate 98% for their Customer Success as excellent. Use Hostinger's Domain Checker to find unique domain names!

Hostinger was bootstrapped in 2004 and has enjoyed an incredible ride since then. They had a simple idea to let their customers create a website for FREE. The freedom to use PHP, MySQL, cPanel, or to not have ads – complete freedom to make a name for ourselves on the web.

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Hostinger is Global. They are all over the world. There are a number of offices in different countries that are staffed with professionals who strive to provide customers with an amazing experience with Hostinger.

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Hostinger serves 29 million users from 178 countries with websites, domains, and email.

Hostinger guarantees 99,9% of their uptime. In addition, they make sure that their customers’ websites are always up and running.

On average, their 24/7 support team responds to customer calls in 50 seconds.

Hostgator’s WordPress sites are typically responsive in 143ms. A beautiful WordPress website can be created in just 7 minutes.

About 98% of users rate Hostinger Customer Success as Excellent. With 8 data centers located around the world, Hostinger provides the lowest latency and the highest reliability.

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Hostinger is one of the cheapest affordable web hosts out there. Their lowest plan is $0.99/month.

In terms of these rates, they are advancement databases, so they will increase when they are restored. However, you’re prepared to pay these insane fees if you upgrade to a longer subscription. 

For $0.99/month, you can get four years of hosting if you purchase the four years upfront. That is an astounding arrangement. 

Even after the limited time evaluating closes, the estimating is still really low. It costs as little as $2.99 / month for the single-site plan, possibly the lowest price in the industry. The most awesome thing? Hostinger doesn’t feel like modest hosting. From the elevating to the UI for managing your site, it appears to be a prevalent host. 

Hostinger also offers a different hosting arrangement for email hosting. That begins at just $0.99/month as well.

+ Fast Loading Time (345 ms)

+ Cheap Pricing ($0.99/mo)

+ Datacenters in the US, Europe, and Asia

+ Free SSL Certificate

+ 24/7 Support (Chat and Phone)
– No Free Domain for a basic plan

– Poor Uptime (99.74%) comparing to Bluehost

– Limited bandwidth on a Cheap plan

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Gator Website Builder3094

3. HostGatorBest for Minimal Needs

Logo of HostGator Domain Registrar


Just Grab a hosting plan for your website which you'll need, and your domain's with HostGator Free for 1 Year. Prevent unauthorized transfers of your domain names, & retain control to unlock domains with the Domain locking feature. If you forget to renew your domain, you could lose it. That's why HostGator set up auto-renew, so you don't gotta worry.

HostGator is a web hosting provider of worldwide and related administrations. Set up in a condo at Florida Atlantic University by Brent Oxley, HostGator has formed into a primary provider of Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated web hosting. HostGator has gotten comfortable in Houston and Austin, Texas, with a couple of overall work environments all through the globe. As of February first, 2003, HostGator had 112 dynamic clients. On a similar date, after one year, there would be 1,031 dynamic clients. Having been a suggested WordPress accomplice for quite a long time, it was no time like the present we dispatched our own oversaw WordPress offering! 


Regardless, we found that they’re best for any business that is looking for fundamental locales. On the off chance that you needn’t bother with a boatload of additional highlights from your web hosting supplier, HostGator is a top choice. 

I’m talking about destinations or portfolios where you need a visitor’s contact data. Or of course, maybe you essentially need an about page. Or on the other hand, a greeting page to gather leads. 

HostGator offers a wide summary of how-to guides for specific assistance. On the off chance that you don’t discover the appropriate responses you need, you can go to the telephone, live talk, and email support. 

Rather than specific hosts, HostGator recollects support for all of its plans. If you need a modest hosting plan and incorporate support, this is the host for you. 

If you need to take care of business, there is somewhat of an expectation to learn and adapt to exploit their high-level choices. 

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HostGator offers Windows hosting notwithstanding Linux, just as an assortment of alternatives to redesign, including cloud hosting, VPS hosting, oversaw WordPress, and a devoted server. Shared hosting plans start at $2.75/month. PcMag will in general position HostGator profoundly on tech distributions. In case you’re keen on attempting HostGator, I suggest exploiting the 45-day unconditional promise and testing out their help completely before submitting. This is an extraordinary web for basic organization and utilizations like an organization site that doesn’t see a huge load of traffic every month. However, VPS alternatives, it’ll permit you to scale if you need.

+ Unmetered Bandwidth

+ Unmetered Diskspace

+ $200 Search Credit

+ Free SSL Certificate

+ 45 days money-back guarantee
– Limited VPS/dedicated server
configuration options

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Gator Website Builder3094

4. DreamHost – Best Month to Month plan at Affordable Price

Logo of DreamHost Web Hosting - DigiBozz


DreamHost Website Hosting starts at $4.95/month for monthly billing and $3.95/month if you pay annually. It is recommended by WordPress. DreamHost also got the best rating of 4.6/5 from TrustPilot. You can get features like Unlimited Traffic, WordPress Pre-Installed, and more with DreamHost.

Dreamhost assists individuals with possessing their advanced presence. It’s not simply living in a dreamland. It’s our good inspiration and an idea that drives all that we do. At the point when you put your dreams on the web, your words, your photographs, your manifestations, you shouldn’t need to stress over your specialist co-op digging that information for promoting purposes. Those are your dreams not our own! DreamHost’s open stage empowers you to share your data and the chance to control how it’s used.

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Dreamhost has confidence in reality as we know it where their clients have the opportunity to pick how their advanced substance is shared, and they help for their prosperity by giving an open web foundation of decision. It upholds WordPress, an incredible open-source content administration framework for the web. They help to make WordPress better with code. Community contributions, and expert-level support. 

Dreamhost’s honor-winning in-house support staff is accessible to you throughout the day in and day out, each day, by live visit, email, and web-based media.

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Dreamhost offers awesome web hosting Month – Month Plans at an affordable cost. Their Month- Month plans start from $2.95/month. This plan includes 1 website with Free Domain and Unlimited Traffic, along with a free SSL Certificate.

Over 400k customer count has grown to Dreamhost from more than 100 countries. Dreamhost gladly has 1.5 million sites, WordPress websites, and applications for planners, designers, independent ventures, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Also, they have been hosting WordPress websites and blogs since the beginning. Dreamhost’s in-house WordPress specialists are here to assist you with doing astounding things. There have been 750k+ WordPress installations till now.

+ Uptime Guarantee

+ Monthly Plans available

+ 97 Days money-back guarantee

+ Unlimited bandwidth and storage
– Poor Uptime (99.62%) compared to Top 3

– Slow loading time (1180 ms)

– No cPanel

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5. GreenGeeks – Best Eco- Friendly

Logo of GreenGeeks Web Hosting - DigiBozz


GreenGeek's vision as a hosting supplier is to give us the quickest speed, best security, most effortless adaptability, and remarkable help for the best web hosting experience that we have at any point. For over 10 years, they've utilized environmentally friendly power to control their web hosting services. 

GreenGeek’s vision as a hosting supplier is to give us the quickest speed, best security, most effortless adaptability, and remarkable help for the best web hosting experience that we have at any point. So they engineered their hosting platform to deliver us the best hosting experience.

GreenGeeks Website documents and data sets are put away on a front-line strong state driver (SSD) arranged in a repetitive RAID-10 stockpiling cluster. Ultra-enhanced web and data set server takes into consideration blasting quick information read/compose, serving pages up to multiple times quicker. GreenGeeks also provides Free CDN powered by CloudFare that allows you to cache content and serve it from the servers that can be close to your visitors for faster web serving.

For over 10 years, they’ve utilized environmentally friendly power to control their web hosting administrations. 

Besides regarding the planet, their web hosting administrations are first-rate. They offer quick rates, strong uptime, and extraordinary answers for: 

  • WordPress Hosting 
  • WooCommerce Hosting 
  • Affiliate Web Hosting 
  • Virtual Private Servers 
  • Shared Hosting 

Here’s a snap at their costs for shared hosting.

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Assuming you utilize WordPress, they will make it simple for you to get set up in a snap. They give a customized 1-Click WordPress Installer and auto-updates to keep awake with the most recent. They likewise give every day reinforcements and progressed security highlights to help you keep your information free from any danger. 

GreenGeeks likewise keeps awake to date with the most recent innovation like PHP7, SSD, CDN, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. These aides ensure your site consistently remains quick and secure. 

They additionally offer every minute of everyday support accessible by telephone, talk, or through their ticket framework. They rush to react and can help with a wide scope of issues. 

I’m a major aficionado of GreenGeeks for their extraordinary assistance and devotion to assisting the planet with their harmless to ecosystem web hosting plans. In case you’re searching for a “green” hosting organization, GreenGeeks is exactly what you need.

+ Good Uptime (451 ms)

+ Stable Uptime

+ US, Canada & Netherlands servers

+ Free site transfer

+ Unlimited bandwidth and storage
– Questionable money back policy

– High renewal cost

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6. Liquid Web– Best managed web hosting

Logo of Liquid Web Hosting Provider

Liquid Web

Liquid Web flaunts a phenomenal Heroic Support client service team, a crew of knowledgeable people who help you in less than a moment if you connect by phone, in less than 30 minutes if you submit a help desk ticket, and in less than 59 seconds if you connect by chat.

Liquid Web is a specialist provider of very good quality managed to host solutions for everything from email to WordPress, WooCommerce, VPS, dedicated, and assorted other cloud products. 

Most plans deliver undeniably more than you may anticipate. Liquid Web doesn’t simply update WordPress, for example, it additionally updates your plugins in a different, segregated environment to check for any issues before sending them to live on your production website. 

Liquid Web’s VPS and committed server plans add much more managed-to-host features covering numerous regions. The organization has its own data centers with completely managed hardware and network infrastructure. Key software is installed, updated, and upheld, there are free external migrations, viruses, and spam protection keeps threats under control and system monitoring enables fast notification of issues. 

Liquid Web will not interest bargain hunters, and its benchmark costs can be a lot higher than some of the competitors. However, what you are paying for are the highest quality support and top-of-the-line hardware, so you’re getting what you pay for.

Security Features 

Need Security? Liquid Web has you covered. The company offers firewalls, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), virtual private networks (VPN), malware file scanning and removal, and much more. 

A few features come packaged with specific bundles, while others you’ll have to buy as additional items. If your site is damaged severely, Liquid Web also offers free nightly backups for your safety.

Highly Dependable Uptime 

Site uptime is perhaps the main part of a hosting service. If your site is down, customers or clients will not be able to discover you or access your products or services. You don’t need that. Luckily, Liquid Web is inconceivably reliable. 

We utilize a site monitoring tool to follow my test sites uptime over a fourteen-day duration. Every 15 minutes, the tool pings my site and sends us an email in case it can’t contact the test site for at least one minute. The information uncovered that Liquid Web had one, brief disappointment throughout the previous 14 days. All things considered, it gave off an impression of being a disconnected episode, as the assistance conveyed solid uptime for quite a long time. 

Fantastic Customer Service 

Liquid Web flaunts a phenomenal Heroic Support client service team, a crew of knowledgeable people who help you in less than a moment if you connect by phone, in less than 30 minutes if you submit a help desk ticket, and in less than 59 seconds if you connect by chat.

Since Liquid Web is expensive, it’s disastrous that the service comes up short of the standard 30-day money-back guarantee, which is typical in the web hosting industry. The organization just offers favorable to evaluated refunds on month-to-month cloud servers, and the vast majority of its different services are non-refundable. Considering the amount of cash that an organization is probably going to spend for Liquid Web hosting, it is ideal to see more refund options. Liquid Web battles are incomprehensible because most services are exceptionally custom-tailored to the user. Conversely, other hosting options have a money-back guarantee; DreamHost has an impressive 97-day money-back guarantee, for instance. 

Costly, But Highly Capable for Big Biz 

Undoubtedly, Liquid Web is quite possibly the most impressive for managed web hosting services. It has various bundles with absolutely killer specs—specs that will cost you a chunk of change. Liquid Web might not have shared hosting bundles, yet the organization’s amazing commitment and VPS hosting are sufficient to put it among the web hosting elite.

To learn more about getting started online, visit our instructions for how to creating a website. Consider also reading our story about how to register a domain name.


+ Responsive and expert support

+ Many powerful features

+ Wide range of plans

+ Reliable Provider

+ Unlimited bandwidth and storage

– No free trial

– Expensive, with few refund options

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7. Nexcess – Best for eCommerce Hosting

Logo of Nexcess Web Hosting - DigiBozz


Nexcess Cloud Accelerator, a component that includes a layer of the cloud stack that speeds up your site's loading time. That is an enormous help since speed is everything with regards to keeping your clients on your site and browsing.

Assuming you need a hands-off hosting solution for your online store, Nexcess is an unbelievably smart decision.

They offer a wide scope of hosting alternatives with specialty solutions for Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Drupal, and more.

Also, you get a single click auto-scaling to deal with startling traffic spikes, 24/7 monitoring, and client support, and premium SSL certificates to guard your site and visitors.

Thus, you get all you require to begin, manage, and scale your online store.

On top of the astonishing features, Nexcess has been around for a very long time with more than 500,000+ sites added to their Portfolio.

In that capacity, they know some things about how to assist with making your life simpler.

So, it’s not the least expensive choice on this rundown. In any case, you do get more features, support, and further developed performance with a higher price tag.

In this way, if you need to be progressed security or hope to develop rapidly, Nexcess is an incredible eCommerce hosting solution.

WordPress hosting plans start at $15 each month for one store, 15 GB of storage, and 2 TB of bandwidth.

Nonetheless, pricing shifts based on the platform you pick.


+ Managed Hosting

+ Dedicated support team

+ 14 days free trial

+ Website Migration

+ User-friendly dashboard

– No free domain

– No dedicated IP addon

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8. DomainRacer – Best after-sale services

DomainRace Web Hosting Logo


DomainRacer is a popular web hosting service used all over the world. Among the very affordable plans for Linux-based hosting, DomainRacer also offers very advanced features at a very cheap price.

DomainRacer is a popular web hosting service used all over the world. Among the very affordable plans for Linux-based hosting, DomainRacer also offers very advanced features at a very cheap price.

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DomainRacer average speed is 18ms. They also average their page loading time to 3.10 seconds. Their 99.9% uptime was their trademark. DomainRacer also offers unlimited SSD space and websites, support for HHT/3 and QUIC technologies, their 21x speed with LiteSpeed catching technology is an awesome feature.

DomainRacer’s basic to advanced plans are priced from $0.99/month to 4.27/month for 1 Year.

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DomainRacer offers 24/7 and 365 days customer service through Live Chat, E-Mail, Customer Calls, and WhatsApp. You will see the best qualities like – Unlimited SSD stockpiling, Free SSL Certificate, LiteSpeed Technology, CloudLinux, and some more. DomainRacer has various decision server farmworker areas like India, UK, the USA, Germany, Singapore, and Canada.

+ Stable and secure platform

+ Unlimited storage

+ Scalable bandwidth99.9% uptime guarantee

+ Free SSL
– Cannot prevent e-mail spamming
and phishing attacks

– No monthly billing on some plans

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9. Hostwinds – Best Uptime

Logo of HostWind Web Hosting


Hostwinds began to change the face of the hosting industry from the start with a set of new standards. They offer customers quality web hosting services at a reasonable price. Their dedicated staff ensures that all their customer’s feelings are respected, satisfied, and cared for at all times.

Hostwinds began to change the face of the hosting industry from the start with a set of new standards. They offer customers quality web hosting services at a reasonable price. Their dedicated staff ensures that all their customer’s feelings are respected, satisfied, and cared for at all times. Although their state-of-the-art hardware and reliable hosting are next to no other hosting providers, it is genuinely their remarkable customer services that set them apart in the sea of competitors. HostWinds received several awards over the years of unparalleled customer service.

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Hostwinds offers a customer-centric approach and supports both Windows and Linux. Their plans include Shared Hosting, VPSS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. HostWinds offers a great average speed of 897 ms and 1.82 seconds average page loading time. Their 99.999% uptime is a great option for many websites.

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HostWinds plans start at $5.24/m Basic plan to $8.24/mo Ultimate Plan which people should pay for 1 Year – That’s a Great Deal Right…!!! The Key features are their 20 GB HDD space, unlimited and free website builder, Softaculous auto-install. They also offer 24/7 customer support via Live Chat, E-Mail, and Call Support Services.

+ High-spec servers available

+ Competitive pricing

+ SSL Security
– Support site could intimidate beginners

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10. MilesWeb – Best Hosting Experience

MilesWeb Hosting Provider Logo


We are not just another web hosting company. We strive to provide outstanding, brisk and steadfast hosting services which is backed by our technical experts round the clock. Whenever you need any technical assistance, our experts are available 24/7/365 to fix your technical issues. With us, you get the flexibility to cancel the plan within 30 days.

MilesWeb is a far-reaching and dynamic web hosting organization that was set up in the year 2012. They had an unmistakable point – to convey quality administrations nonstop at moderate costs. They have broad experience and information about the web hosting industry and are prepared to set a powerful tech upset. 

MilesWeb understood that there is a vacuum with regards to quick, dependable, and practical web hosting arrangements because of the difficulties looked at by the organizations with their web hosting arrangements. Remembering every one of the traps present on the lookout, they began this endeavor and have effectively executed vital designs to convey noteworthy web hosting answers for their clients.

1X1iAERplhBcYbp6gDE6zN9z7D9MKCIG5z BcNyjiPnEKDDEGlqNWK9Mwm54jkyJJ7erEwIVa365wZM3ePndhJxJyHWan xbWaSokNGWZKwjykESbZJMOn7Zo CVtZr0mEICvS

MilesWeb’s priority is customer satisfaction. They constantly work on their services to take themselves to the next level. MilesWeb innovates and evolves processes for their organizational structures to meet and go beyond the expectations of their customers. MilesWeb aims to provide affordable and reliable web hosting solutions to fulfill the requirement of each website. They act with audacity and take up challenges by finding new ways to grow their company. MilesWeb helps each other within the team to expand personally and professionally. MilesWeb’s main goal is to focus on building an endless association with their clients.

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MilesWeb has the most affordable Best Web Hosting Experience plans starting from the Starter plan with $1.2/month to Pro Plan with $3.6/month. Their Starter plan comes with 1 Free Domain, 10 Email accounts, Unlimited Bandwidth, cPanel + Softaculous, Free SSL Certificate, and so on with $1.2/month.

MilesWeb’s Technical assistance team is available 24/7 for 365 days via Email and Live Chats to clarify their valuable customer’s problems and doubts. Their state-of-art infrastructure highly focuses on reliability and security. MilesWeb provides best-in-class data centers and powerful servers tailored to their customer needs. Their tier-3 and tier-4 data centers enable us to provide their customers with the best uptime.

MilesWeb offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, just in case their customers are not happy with their services. Their hosting packs are scalable and we can upgrade or downgrade as per our needs.

+ Complete range of Web hosting solutions

+ 30 days money-back guarantee

+ Configured for WordPress websites

+ Exceptional Customer Support
– Unlimited websites offered
only on advanced plans

It- Expensive to renew

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11. Contabo – Best for VPS Hosting

Logo of Contabo Web Hosting


From the ashes of Giga-International, a company that had been founded a decade before, Contabo arose in 2013. However, this company primarily targeted the German market for its business endeavors. Thus, the company was renamed Contabo, since Giga-International did not sound like a foreign corporation.

For those who are seeking a beginner-friendly web hosting provider that will offer all the bells and whistles one can dream of, they might want to continue looking. Contabo does not try to be everything to everyone, but it is not stingy either. Notably, some well-known hosts don’t offer such features as one-click installation, CDNs, and money-back guarantees.

Thankfully, anyone can create a Contabo account in about five minutes at most. In certain cases (and this is one of them), leaving things as simple as possible does not helpless tech-savvy users because overly technical jargon risks leaving them in the dark. Google is always a good option.

Here is the bad news first, so that we can talk about the good news later. Contabo’s user interface is sometimes counterintuitive, so if you aren’t a UI veteran that has seen it all, you might find yourself overwhelmed from time to time. Contabo’s control panel is user-friendly, Linux-based, and offers an industry-standard interface. It is the easiest available on the market. In addition to cPanel, Plesk and Webmin can be used; the latter is offered for free.

Besides the free website builder, Contabo’s own mobile-friendly templates can also be found there.

When you have chosen a hosting plan, you’ll need to choose a few things: a domain name (you can purchase or transfer one), add-ons (for a fee), CGI support (1.29 per month), and backups (for $2.59 per month). You’ll be billed monthly by your domain name, so don’t be confused by the small sum in the order summary.

There are also numerous fields to fill out, including your phone number (to recover your password). Notice that your password does not become available to you right away. Upon sending your account registration form to your e-mail address, it will automatically be generated (together with all the info required to set up an account) but you can edit it later.

In case you didn’t notice, Contabo offers currency preferences between EUR and USD, which is nice for most people because either of these currencies is usually used. Contabo’s products are all displayed in it, irrespective of the choice you make. Your account is fixed to the currency you initially chose if you decide to join them.

Contabo offers four shared hosting packages (M, L, XL, and XXL), four VPS (all with SSD), four VDS (virtual dedicated servers), four standard dedicated servers, and (finally) three storage-optimized VPS packages. With everything, these plans include, the pricing of all of them is quite reasonable.

For only $3.99 per month, you can get enough storage space for your website, 20 MySQL databases, 1000 e-mail addresses, one domain name (available free of charge), industry-standard cPanel, and more than 300 apps. However, you will have to pay for one year’s minimum billing period.

This may discourage some potential customers from signing up with Contabo since they do not offer a refund or cancellation policy.

You can use PayPal or credit cards to pay for Contabo’s services in U.S. dollars. As an alternative, if you are paying with EUR (which is highly recommended), you can also pay via Skrill or bank transfer.


+ Wide array of hosting products

+ Highly Customizable hosting packages

+ Round the clock support

+ Free SSL Certificates

– No refund police

– No monthly billing

– Limited payment options

– Minimalistic and somewhat outdated UI

Signup to Contabo for the Best VPS Hosting Experience


12. WPX – Best for WordPress Hosting

Logo of WPX. Web Hosting


WPX Plans includes FREE:  30 Seconds average live chat response time 24/7/365 customer support. High-Speed Custom CDN with 26 Global Edge Locations. Unlimited site migrations to WPX Unlimited SSL’s Staging Areas E-mail, and more.

WPX give us prevalent page stacking SPEED through their OWN rapid, custom Content Delivery Network (CDN, free for ALL WPX clients), pristine extremely high-spec SSD servers (that they really own, not lease) that are purposely UNDERloaded with records and locales – improved machines that perform VERY well under substantial traffic loads. 

For those keen on the fundamental details, underloaded super-spec servers + CDN + SSD + PHP 7.x + OPTIMIZED Caching = class-driving execution, as indicated by autonomous tests.

plgL xnA1DoqEA9z xbLBhqx6 oGynBW3ll6e5rbyGla3rSLczvTcuUTQKXHeo3hBl 8HWl3IS9Fc IqjbOR6bsGHeKDu7eGiFswpEW6E2ZS3llNYVlPFMvDtBk QyvT4Tquoig

WPX offers us a 30-second normal help reaction time on the day in and day out/365 Live Chat by experienced Support Agents who comprehend WordPress and hosting in reverse and are consistently accessible whenever of the day or night, in your piece of the world, on the off chance that you run into any difficulty. Typically, the first-reacting WPX Support Agent can take care of your concern WITHOUT the requirement for heightening to another group.

xsoJN6b9sNxNnLXyiJxu OhsKaq1RMsF6AN6VY8 RXZCtjiQBrASo3YWZyH7EAzJjITJi55iYzeAgJh4QpaUXfXuqpfELq78vv4A2P9qMImqQuMlFExtxf

WPX plans are a little bit pricey than other Web Hosting Providers only because WPX plans are concentrated on Businesses or Institutions handling more than 5 Websites. Their Hosting plans are Litespeed/CDN Powered Superfast. Their WordPress experts will move all websites (min 1 – max 5 websites on Business Plan) to WPX for FREE within 24 Hours.*

WPX plans start from $24.99/month BUSINESS to $99.00/month ELITE Plan. Their Business plan comes with 5 Websites, 10 GB Storage, 100 GB Bandwidth for $24.99/month or just $20.83 when paid Yearly.

WPX Plans includes FREE: 

  • 30 Seconds average live chat response time 24/7/365 customer support.
  • High-Speed Custom CDN with 26 Global Edge Locations.
  • Unlimited site migrations to WPX
  • Unlimited SSL’s
  • Staging Areas
  • E-mail
  • Manual Backups
  • DDoS Protection
  • Free Malware Scanning/Removal
  • 99.95% Uptime Guarantee


+ Built to handle the traffic without
sacrificing the load times

+ Easy to use interface, fast and effective

+ DDoS protection provided on Mid Plan

+ Daily malware scanning and cleanup

– Interface lacking in features

– Only chat and email support are available,
no phone/call support

Signup to WPX for the Best WordPress Hosting Experience


13. iPage – Low Entry Cost Hosting

Logo of iPage Domain Registrar - DigiBozz


Shared Hosting Plan starts from $2.99/ month and is paid annually. iPage offers Free Domain and SSL Certificate. Its website builder is very easy to use. A simple Drag-and-Drop feature is FREE. iPage promises a 30-day money-back guarantee that helps you to opt out if you were unhappy with the service.

iPage is known for its amazing website builder and cheap web hosting.

I suggest iPage because its yearly pricing rates are cheap and direct.

As we’ve effectively seen, other hosting suppliers offer various plans at different price points. The pricing relies upon features and resources.

Yet, iPage pricing depends exclusively on your term length. Then, at that point, you can modify your arrangement with additional products.

The base cost for a yearly web hosting plan is $2.99 each month, which means a forthright completion of $35.88 for the year.

Here are some of the extra features that you can add to customize your plan:

  • Daily Backups — $14.99 each year
  • Site security — $19.95 each year
  • Pro website builder — $131.88 each year
  • SiteLock — $23.88 each year
  • Domain privacy — $9.99 each year
  • WordPress optimization — $36.00 each year
  • G Suite business — $36.00 each year

The vast majority of you will not require these. However, you’ll most likely need to add on the domain privacy and added security at a minimum. That would carry your upfront yearly total to $65.82.

iPage offers a free SSL certificate and a 30-day money-back guarantee for its yearly plans too.

Generally speaking, iPage has the absolute most reasonable yearly web hosting plans in the business. Read my full iPage review for more on them.


+ Host Unlimited sites

+ Unlimited storage

+ Unlimited Bandwidth

+ Free SSL Certificate

+ Free Local or Toll-Free Phone Number (the U.S. only)

– Multiple domains hosting process is not as easy as before

– Occasional Upselling When logging in

Signup to iPage for the Minimal Cost Hosting Experience


14. Hostens – Low Entry Cost Hosting

Hostens Web Hosting Logo


Customers’ trust. Hostens are a well-reputed shared hosting company with many favorable reviews on such platforms as, Trustpilot, Shopper Approved, and others. Feel free to check them out!. Having your website hosted on the continent where your customers are based makes your services more reliable and efficient.

Hostens is a low-cost web hosting provider that helps independent businesses and people to track down a permanent place to stay for their site. Hostens, an organization that charmingly depicts itself as ‘A home for your site’ offers an overall solution bundle to launch your online presence: web hosting, domain, website builder, security certificates, and more services, for example, VPN or VPS hosting. 

It rapidly ends up being unmistakable that Hostens offers fantastic costs: you can buy web hosting for just $0.90 each month. Other than their great costs, 24/7 customer support, and 99.95% SLA, it appears Hostens seems to be a truly dependable specialist organization, as well. 

There is a choice of data centers in Europe, America, and Asia

Hostens own and operate their own data center in Europe, Lithuania. Also, the web hosting provider offers two additional areas, which are Washington DC, USA, and Singapore, Asia. This implies that relying upon your target audience, you can pick a server nearest to your favored market. 

Also, with regards to features, Hostens guaranteed you that it can offer its customers all that the market’s monsters are glad for stable uptime and perfect performance, the most recent HP ProLiant DL360 Gen10 servers, completely SSD-configured servers, several payment methods with cryptocurrencies included just as Installatron tool. Furthermore, Hostens’ web hosting bundles support Python, Ruby, PHP, and Git.

24/7/365 customer support and server maintenance

When clients pay for their web hosting plan, as a rule, everything is set fully operational surprisingly fast. However, if any issues arise, Hostens highly esteems giving superb client support. As we have referenced above, they offer 24/7 client and server maintenance service. The client support team can be reached using live chat, immediately showing up on their site and ticketing system if you have a more mind-boggling issue.

Incredibly low cost of entry 

As an all-in-one shop, Hostens offers a wide scope of services: domain registration, shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS servers, SSL certificates, and VPN services. 

Clients can browse three separate web hosting bundles: S10, S20, and S40. Every one of them offers a different variety of assets. For instance, in case you are a beginner in the business world and plan to launch a small e-shop with, suppose, up to 5000 visitors each month, there is an alternative, to begin with, the essential S10 plan. This plan contains 10 sites, 100 email accounts, 10 GB disk space, and 1TB bandwidth. Additionally, the entirety of the common hosting plans have month-to-month or yearly payment choices and you can pick your yearly plan. Alongside it, you will get advantages, like a free domain, a free website builder tool as well a 70% discount on web hosting. This implies you can make your online presence without any preparation and it will cost you just $0.90 each month. 

If your site contains many graphics, videos, audio, or downloadable content and you have a serious huge traffic volume, consider two greater web hosting plans – S20 or S40. Every one of them gives you more bandwidth. Obviously, you will have the likelihood to upgrade or downgrade your service whenever you wish. 

The way that Hostens includes a website builder is huge for freelancers or entrepreneurs since they save money by making a site by themselves. For eCommerce site proprietors, there are numerous applications available, including PrestaShop, CubeCart, and WordPress. You can likewise have your specially crafted eCommerce site or pick your favorite CMS, for example, WooCommerce, Joomla, Drupal, and others. 

What makes the system truly useful for small businesses is that it’s profoundly easy to use. Hostens web hosting bundles accompany a simple to-utilize cPanel control panel. It assists with setting up your eCommerce website or other sites rapidly and hassle-free. Additionally, Installation’s tool gives a single-click installation of just about 200 most mainstream web applications, like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, phpBB, and some more.


+ Consistent Uptime

+ Low entry cost

+ Simple to Install Application

+ Free SSL Certificate                                                   

– Most plans offer threshold levels, including shared hosting

– There seem to be no managed VPS plans available

Signup to Hostens for the Low Entry Cost Hosting Experience


15. BigRock – Fast & Reliable shared Hosting

Logo of BigRock Web Hosting


BigRock Plan starts from $1.59/month for 5 years with 1 website, Unmetered Bandwidth transfer, 200 Email Accounts, and much more. Dell Rack servers w/Dual Quad-Core Xeon CPUs w/64GB Ram and CloudLinux. BigRock has 99.9% Uptime.

BigRock is a leading supplier of diverse administrations for areas. We have immense experience with our guide, which we influence to give top-notch administrations to help undertakings scale new statutes. Our center capabilities incorporate space name enlistment, site hosting, email hosting, VPS hosting, and that’s just the beginning. We likewise offer different worth-added administrations, like WHOIS, DNS the board, and premium area deals, aside from promising far-reaching help to our clients. Their goal at BigRock is to provide legitimate types of assistance and earn customer’s trust. BigRock offers moderate types of assistance with no secret expenses. Our straightforward assistance strategy urges customers to depend on us with the obligation of setting up their online character. 

World-renowned for its high-quality products and services, BigRock is well-known throughout the world as a domain registration and web hosting provider. Over 6 million websites have been created using their accredited domain registry, accredited by ICANN. BigRock offer domain name registration in a wide range of namespaces such as .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .mobi, .in,, .co.UK, and .asia.

Owed to our broad involvement with the area name enrollment business, we have become a one-stop objective for all your space name needs. We specialize in:

Our exceptionally efficient domain search engine allows you to check the availability of the desired domain name in seconds.

The least complex approach to get the area names you generally wanted is 80 percent lower than the contest. 

It does not matter whether you are moving a business space or a personal one; you are in the right place.

We host more than 100,000 sites through our space web hosting administrations, making us the most solid web host worldwide. To ensure we can deliver reliable hosting services to all our clients, we offer Affordable Web Hosting solutions for personal websites, Business Hosting for small business websites, and Professional Hosting for large enterprises. We specialize in:

Linux Hosting – Linux fully featured hosting equipped with cPanel, Pearl, PHP, MySQL, Python…

Windows Hosting – Windows fully featured hosting equipped with Plesk, IIS, SQL Server, ASP…

WordPress Hosting – The simplest way to get your WordPress blog online with your unique domain names.

CMS Hosting – Providing Drupal and Joomla to power your site with efficient content management systems.

E-Commerce Hosting Build incredibly powerful and efficient eCommerce websites with ZenCart, OS commerce, and more.

LYjK 3cnzj7eal92MP8yI4VHiMm4x1Vc5 yl6k HgyhvCfBF81C3rzaVp8Py dLjXNfGLwZZ9nbesI6 BI mk9ScEoDIJNK0sLES WXVXF6qm59AyMK4NKGSqimyqc9XoASohktd

BigRock Plan starts from $1.59/month for 5 years with 1 website, Unmetered Bandwidth transfer, 200 Email Accounts, and much more. Dell Rack servers w/Dual Quad-Core Xeon CPUs w/64GB Ram and CloudLinux. BigRock has 99.9% Uptime. We offer SSL certificates to ensure your website is credible and trustworthy. SSL is a commonly-used protocol for managing the security of message transmission on the Internet and uses the public-and-private key encryption system from RSA, including digital certificates or DigiCert. Digital Certificates are very important for your site if you wish to get Credit Card transactions, data transfer, client logins, and last yet not least, social media perusing.

+ Affordable Web hosting service

+ A good set of advanced hosting-related features

+ The fastest network of data center decent Page Loading Speed
– No support for SSL certified websites

– No implementation of PHP7
and SSD Technologies

Signup to BigRock for Best Fast and Reliable shared hosting

5632 437250

Choosing A Host That Will Work for You

If you follow these rules, you won’t have to switch hosts anytime soon and you’ll be satisfied with your provider.

What’s the best way to evaluate web hosting providers? What really matters?

Let’s take a look at all the important points.

Uptime of the website

Web hosts need to have a high level of uptime. In a down world, you won’t get any traffic or make any money.

An uptime guarantee is the first qualification you should look for in a web host. You can be sure that your website will be up and running at all times.

As a precaution against the “just trusts us” promise of near-perfect uptime, most host providers guarantee 99.9% uptime at the very least. The guarantee, however, doesn’t mean much. In the event of any unplanned downtime, your bill can be discounted. These guarantees are spelled out in fine print, too, including that the host will not accept self-reported or external uptime data, not refund users in the event of an outage beyond its control (for instance, a hurricane).

Website speed

The speed of your site has an impact on everything related to it. Do you want to rank well in search? Improve the speed of your site. Does your website need conversions? Fasten it up. A satisfied user is your goal? Accelerate it.

The speed of your website impacts every aspect of your business.

When comparing web hosting companies, make sure you choose a host that can deliver each page instantly.

A site’s speed should be considered in a nuanced manner.

When you’re starting, you’re fine with being fast enough. Just fast enough to fulfill startup demands, it doesn’t need to be blistering fast.

Amazon is a good example. Amazon used to just sell books and needed a site that was fast, but not seamless.

Considering how popular its service has become, Amazon’s site can’t keep up with demand.

Your speed will increase as you grow. To maintain insanely fast speeds on your high-traffic site, you’ll need a host that can handle large sites.

Customer Service

Having excellent customer support from your web host is the most important aspect of running your own site.

You may not be able to determine the quality of support provided by a particular host by searching through user reviews.

You should beware of glowing reviews on top publications; they may not reflect the actual situation.

Any host’s customer support quality can be measured by just one test.

Customers can test customer support free of charge.

Most web hosts offer a money-back guarantee for their shared hosting plans, allowing you to set up your site and evaluate it with relatively little risk — just your time and any add-ons you choose, like paying for domain registration. While that trial period is underway, we recommend that you put customer support to the test. As much as possible, chat on live chat, open a ticket and call the support team to see how you are being treated.

Free trials are offered by most web hosting companies. The best way to take advantage of this time is to explore your host’s customer support – its knowledge center and especially its support staff. Then you’ll know the real story.

Traffic Volume

You need a lot of hosting based on the amount of traffic that you receive.

Any standard web hosting package should be adequate for a site with 300 visitors a month. A strong customer support team will make a difference in your website’s success.

Every little detail starts to matter more as you grow.

Does your server’s PHP have a current update? Content delivery networks: Do you have one?

If something should go wrong, do you have a backup of your site and can you restore it within 15 minutes?

Have you got an SSL certificate? During a marketing campaign, will your server be able to handle the traffic spike?

Whenever I have a larger site, I look for a hosting provider who will handle all this on my behalf. A host that can accommodate millions of visitors per month is what I look for when I plan to build a large site. To ensure easy upgrades in the future, I’m willing to pay a premium price.

If you’re going big, don’t skimp.

Get a standard shared hosting package if you won’t reach 50,000 visitors/month. Advanced stuff doesn’t matter.


Definitely do not underpay on hosting either. However, you don’t want to overpay either.

You shouldn’t only consider price when choosing a host.

The cost of basic hosting plans ranges from $10 to $20 per month. Cheaper options are available. Some of them expire when your subscription is renewed. Another option is to choose a hosting plan with poor customer support.

The rule of thumb for me is that if it appears too good to be true, it probably is.

It also doesn’t concern me how I save a few dollars by chasing promotional offers. I have never switched hosts once I found a host I liked for any site I’ve managed. It’s pretty common for promotional offers to come and go.

Migration Features

You will save weeks by having the ability to migrate an existing site quickly and easily.

Having to migrate even the simplest WordPress site can be a real hassle. Firstly, create a new WordPress installation on your new web host. Then you should import your old content database into your new one. The last step would be to reconfigure everything in WordPress like the theme, plugins, and settings.

All of this can be skipped.

Popular site builders such as WordPress can be migrated with 1-click migration by some hosts.

Check out a feature that makes host switching and migration easy if you are switching hosts. When you have narrowed it down to a few final options, this is an excellent method for making the decision.

Managed Hosting

As an example of how a host typically works:

  • Once you’ve registered, you receive your login information.
  • You are taken to cPanel after logging in. Your server comes with a graphical user interface called cPanel you can use to manage it without having to know anything about coding.
  • Your server can be configured in any way you like.
  • You can manually upload files to your server using FTP.
  • If you wish, you can also install WordPress and other site software quickly.
  • Everything is at your disposal.
  • There are several ways to get started. You can install WordPress, Drupal, Magento, or even code the entire website from scratch.

This is how most web hosts work.

Managed web hosts are also available. Hosts offer more customization and management of the hosting environment.

The best example is WP Engine, a managed host for WordPress. WP Engine does not give me a login to cPanel that allows me to do whatever I want, but rather, gives me access to a custom WordPress administration interface.

Three key things happen when a website is optimized exclusively for WordPress. There are a few things that distinguish it from other shared hosting services. Whether you want to optimize website caching or tweak the command line tools, everything can be customized to make WordPress work best. The host doesn’t need to support Joomla as well as Node server or some type of custom website, etc.

Secondly, websites become more stable and secure. The majority of WordPress vulnerabilities can be predicted, accommodated, and patched by an experienced managed WordPress host. Therefore, fewer malicious attacks will take place, and downtime will be reduced.

For small businesses, this may be the most important benefit: you can manage your site much more easily. The reason managed WordPress hosting is so important is because shared internet hosting is extremely expensive.

The managed host takes care of a lot of ongoing tasks that I would normally have to do myself, even if I don’t have my own web server like other hosts.

An ordinary host is sufficient if you have a small business website. The additional cost of a managed host is worth it if you’re building a larger website.


I’ve narrowed down my top 15 picks for the best web hosts among hundreds of companies.

Bluehost is the perfect choice for inexperienced webmasters or anyone looking for guidance.

For those with WordPress sites that require speed and security, Hostinger is a top choice.

Interested in maximizing your budget? DreamHost offers the lowest pricing for month-to-month hosting, while Hostinger has the lowest prices for hosting plans without compromising on resources or features.

Hosting services like HostGator are a good option when you are looking for a simple website.

Liquid Web and MilesWeb are excellent options for websites that need fast loading speeds, particularly for shared hosting and VPS hosting, respectively.

Are you looking to grow your business? Hosting with Nexcess is the best way to scale your website.

Bluehost is one of WordPress’s recommended web hosts, but you can also get managed WordPress hosting from the experts at WP Engine, who are also highly recommended by WordPress.

If you or your company value ethical, eco-friendly hosting, GreenGeeks is the provider whose values match yours.


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